This spring YSL Beauty launches 7 new shades to the iconic Rouge Volupté Shine and adding Volupté Plump-in-Color to the YSL lipstick family! With an iconic moisturizing formula with a 65% oil-based composition made up of six key oils and pomegranate extract to provide six key benefits; high shine, sheerness, smoothness, hydration, comfort and ultra-melting, and the scent of fresh mango makes Rouge Volupté Shine a spring favourite, now in a total of 36 shades!

the Volupté Plump-in-Color has the same colors and conditioning effect as the original rouge volupté shine, but with a heart shaped balm in the middle to stimulate the lips to look fuller without the painful sting feeling. Peppermint adds a coolness to the lips; caprilyl glycol to enhance the lips and black pearl powder to favour the quality of shine, with the familiar pomegranate extract and natural coconut oil. Available now here!


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