Svenskt Tenn launches the lighting collection Fusa produced in Murano, designed by Luca Nichetto.

In the exhibition Heritage which opens on February 5, Fusa, a lighting collection exclusively designed for Svenskt Tenn, is produced on the island of Murano outside Venice, and designed by Luca Nichetto. Residual colors from the glass producer, NasonMoretti's production on the island has been reused to avoid wasting.

The name Heritage partly aims to present Svenskt Tenn's founder Estrid Ericson already in the late 1930s presented a glass exhibition with objects from Murano. Partly because the internationally renowned designer Luca Nichetto was born in Venice and raised in the glass art Murano where he worked with both the design and production of glass. It is Josef Frank's pattern Terrazzo that inspired Nichetto to the colorful lighting collection consisting of lamps in three different sizes and a glass lamp:

- When I saw the pattern, my first thought was that the stones in the motif look just like mosaic and Murano glass. I highlighted the different formations, joined them and gave them new life in the form of lighting, says Luca Nichetto.

To get all the color needed for the production of the lighting collection Fusa, Nichetto has used residual colors that have been left over from the glass producer NasonMoretti's other production, where all the objects in the collection are made by hand. NasonMoretti, one of Murano's premier glass producers, was founded in 1923.

- Estrid Ericson's friend Tyra Lundgren lived in Italy in the 30's and was one of the first female designers to work with Murano. Through our current collaboration with Luca, we continue in Estrid Ericson's spirit to safeguard quality, sustainability and craftsmanship. The production method performed in Murano is rare of its kind, says Thommy Bindefeld, marketing manager and creatively responsible.

The exhibition runs from February 5 until March 31, in the store on Strandvägen 5.