The brand presents a dynamic range of multifunctional, smart and innovative products that can be combined according to your personal needs - from you who are an intriguing “hair junkie” to fashion and lifestyle enthusiast. Budgie invites consumers as well as creators, experts and hair lovers to a co-creation collaboration, with the goal of constantly refining and developing unique products. Budgie is more than just a hair brand, in a digital collective, @thebudgiecollective, everyone can meet to discuss, engage, inspire and test the products. The series presents three fresh, green and fruity scents, “Green vibes”, Truly Peach “and” Natural Stories “. All products are produced in Sweden, and contain 100% vegan ingredients.

Cleaning, moisturizing and nourishing basic products with a twist are the pillars of Budgies hair routine. Budgie and our experts absolutely love moisture for a well-groomed and healthy hair. You definitely don't want to miss “The supreme MOISTURE BOOST for thirsty hair” whose pink color and intense moisturizing sugar complexes and coke extracts, spice up and nurture your hair, or “The APPLE CIDER SCRUB for a healthy head of hair” that cleans and restores hair shine. Budgies all shampoos are sulfate-free.

The range also includes fun, flexible and interesting styling products. Launch key products are a melting hair wax, a multifunctional primer, a pink-shimmering sea salt mist, a silicone-free natural hair oil, a shimmer mist and a soft creamy curl jelly. The most sought after styling product - the dry shampoo - comes in four variants with different properties, from the ultimate refreshment for you on the go, “The DRY SHAMPOO FOAM for a bouncy restart” with a unique formula, to a more advanced that instantly sucks up dirt and builds volume, “The power VOLUME DRY SHAMPOO for hair high on life”.

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© Budgie was launched in February 2019 at, in KICKS stores in Sweden and Finland, and online at KICKS all markets (Sweden, Finland and Norway). The products cost from 49 SEK up to 179 SEK.