Organics by Sara is an organic skin care brand with 100% organic content - with an environmental thinking throughout the chain. The products are produced and manufactured in Sweden.

It was an obvious decision for the founder and skin care therapist Sara Nomberg to choose it natural way to skin care when she founded Organics By Sara in the fall of 2010. The series was created when she didn't find skin care that matched her requirements - she didn't want any unnecessary ingredients in their skin care products.

- For me it has always been about a larger perspective. I've always worried the world and where it is heading while I am very interested in beauty,
skin care and makeup. For me, it then became natural that these two worlds would meet - my skin care interest and consideration for our planet, says Sara Nomberg.

Hard work combined with the increased eco-interest has resulted in Organics by Saras products have become a strong brand in the organic skin care market.

- Our skin is basically self-sufficient and doesn't really need much products. It is rather our lifestyle and other factors in our environment that create skin care needs. I believe that a natural skin care that is based on organic raw materials are easier for the skin and body to break down. Synthetic ingredients on the other hand, many times are long-lived in nature and also in us. I think so in the long term, people are harming people negatively, says Sara.

The series is exclusively handmade with organic, cold pressed oils and contains only nutritious ingredients from nature without any additives. The products fit all skin types and skin problems and contain a combination of vitamins and fatty acids. The result is one gentle, efficient and environmentally friendly skin care. A conscious choice for both the skin and the environment.

All packages are made from recycled glass and are easily recycled after use, even the seal on the bottle can easily be pulled over the neck of the bottle and recovered as well as the capsule and is sorted as “hard plastic” and the pipette is “glass”. The label is easily pulled away from the bottle
and sorted as “soft plastic”. Production also takes place in Sweden, in Tyresö outsideStockholm. In this way, long shipping routes are minimized.

All vegetable and essential oils are ecologically certified, which means that you can count on the highest quality of the raw materials used. No ingredients or definitive products are animal tested and all products are vegan.

The series consists of 20 organic products of the highest quality and is currently sold on selected ones salons and shops as well as in their own webshop at