Both with roots on both the east and west coast and emphasis on high quality materials and professional skills, UGG® and the American clothing brand Eckhaus Latta combine to create a luxurious shoe and outerwear collection, which debuts on New York's fashion week.

The limited collection UGG® x Eckhaus Latta, which was shown exclusively at the Eckhaus Lattas fashion show, adds an eccentric touch to the UGG® brand's world-renowned material and most iconic design.

-We love the fact that the UGG® products represent an easy-going lifestyle and have shifted from having been a more relaxed product to becoming an icon in fashion contexts. It is an honor to contribute to this foundation, says Mike Eckhaus and Zoe Latta.

-We are delighted to have cooperated with Eckhaus Latta to create such a beautiful collection. The shoes and outerwear are not only sophisticated, smart and designer, but also exude a bold UGG® feel, says Andrea O’Donnell, President, Fashion Lifestyle, Deckers Brands.

The collection consists of six shoe models - four ladies models and two unisex - and four outer garments that have been designed with a unique fashion focus. The Court Boot and Court Mule models have a narrow wooden heel, lambskin suede on the top and full lining in the sheepskin. The Court Mule Open Toe has a suede-covered thick heel and a silhouette of exposed fur thanks to the sheepskin around. With the same soft heel as Court Mule Open Toe, Court Not Clog is an elegant shoe covered with luxurious Tuscany coat.

Eckhaus Latta takes two details that the UGG® is known for - the timeless Classic Short boot and the unparalleled mystique of the brand's slippers - and shapes them into a new silhouette sprung from two styles. Block Boot takes the brand's most well-known silhouette and adds an intricate detail of the embroidery embroidery. Block Slide takes the everyday boot outdoors, with the same visible embroidery.

A compilation of four eye-catching outer garments rounds off the collaboration. UGG® x Eckhaus Lattas Overcoat and Shawl Coat are made from luxurious long-haired sheepskin from Tuscany, while the UGG® x Eckhaus Lattas Jacket and Vest have a more slim silhouette of curly sheepskin.

A selection of UGG® dealers: Nordiska Kompaniet, Mathilde, Jackie, Wakakuu, Raglady.