Lush’s lipsticks are the beauty revolution we didn’t know we needed. The cosmetics brand released their makeup line globally in-stores a while ago, which previously was limited online and selected stores. One of these products is the plastic-free, refillable lipstick made from all-natural ingredients.

The line consists of 40 shades - all vegan, each purchased as a naked refill which you put in a classic lipstick holder. The new way of designing lipsticks is Lush's hope to encourage customers to start thinking differently about makeup and how we recycle our old lipstick packaging. The 40 shades are everything from classic nudes in different shades to statement red and pink.

The utmost for these lipsticks, are the new design - the wax packaging. Instead of protecting the lipstick with plastic, Lush has created a wax package in three steps. Making the product plastic-free and with limited packaging. In this way, having the lipsticks without packaging, not only saves money for us customers but also Lush, which has made the UK cosmetic brand able to focus on high-quality ingredients. Each lipstick contains fresh ingredients such as organic castor oil, orange peel wax, and organic jojoba oil to moisturize and broccoli seed oil to hydrate.

These interesting ingredients are worthy of writing more about; The Broccoli Seed Oil is extracted from the oil-rich seeds of broccoli for moisturizing and conditioning. They are also full of anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antioxidant compounds that help to maintain clean, firm, and soothe skin. Another ingredient in the lipsticks is orange peel wax which is produced from the orange peel. The peel is used to produce wax to add texture, it even has a fruity smell and has been chosen as a vegan alternative to lanolin. Another ingredient used by Lush is Candelilla wax, which creates a protective barrier on the skin to help other ingredients bind together.

Finally, the lipsticks also include Kalahari melon oil. A rich oil from Kalahari Melon, that is linked to the Kalahari desert, the melon is highly used to moisturize the skin with its rich content of oil, antioxidants, and vitamins. Lush buys the oil from a producer who works with a small-scale family-run grower in the Kalahari Desert.

These lipsticks are one small step on how to change the makeup industry and make it ‘’zero-waste free’’. Not to mention, the use of new ingredients with inspiration from nature and superfoods. These components make Lush’s makeup line even more tempted to continue trying their other makeup products in the future. To see what they are up to!

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