Korean skincare brand Huxley’s secret Sahara sleep mask

Huxley is a fairly new Korean skincare brand, that provides solutions for skin suffering from stressful urban environments. One of their main goals is to find secret ingredients sourced from nature, with the motto ‘’great things never come from comfort zones’’. Their skincare line ‘’Secrets of Sahara’’ is just as it sounds, a pretty secret ingredient from the Sahara desert. The main ingredient of the range is the certified-organic Sahara prickly pear cactus seed oil, carefully sourced in Morocco by mainly women. Hand-selected and cold-pressed to obtain the maximum benefits. The ingredient is high in both antioxidants, vitamin E, and linoleic acid that gives you that nourishing feeling.

’’This mask is ideal if you need that extra smooth boost after a long day (or night)’’ 

One of the products in the product line is the Good Night sleep mask, an overnight mask in a light gel formula that you apply on your face as the last step of your night routine. The mask is ideal if you need that extra smooth boost, after a long day when you feel that your skin needs some extra nourishment.

But to be honest, I have also just simply used it instead of my night cream, when I want something heavier. In conclusion, you wake up feeling hydrated and ready for the day. Looking at the ingredients, we see water (aqua) further down the line, which means more room for ingredients that do their job. Which we like!