By Elva Ahlbin, Odalisque Beauty Editor

What's the best waterproof mascara for me with deep set eyes and oily skin?

For years now, I have asked my fellow professional makeup artists and beauty enthusiasts that question. In different forums, we have debated for the perfect mascara - and the answer is more or less always the same, and unanimous - SENSAI 38°!

The SENSAI 38° mascara claim to give your lashes volume, separation, and length - and they certainly do. The formula is buildable, aiming to give you clump-free, soft lashes and it says it will wash off with water at a temperature of 38°C or higher. So with this said, I swear by it!

Unfortunately, for those really long nights dancing on a crowded dance floor nothing (well almost nothing), can save you from “the panda look” - which, however, is a look I really miss at the moment though…