Monday, Monday.., It’s not always easy.
To get our spirits up, why not take a moment for ourselves - meditate, perhaps go for a quick walk or treat ourselves with a good film and snack. And don’t forget to look yourself in the mirror and say you are amazing.

A face mask to cool you down and hydrate your skin is the Rich Moist Soothing Tencel Sheet Mask from Korean brand Dear, Klairs. The sheet mask is concentrated essence from their popular Rich Moist Sooting Serum, that have become a favorite by its brand users. The mask contains ceramides that is said to strengthen the skin barrier with soothing aloe vera, liquorice root extract.

The sheet masks is an intense treatment, for dehydration and when you want to boost your skin. It’s also pretty cooling, so perfect after a long day.

The sheet mask is in tencel, and have a lot of stretch in the fabric - almost like a net. The essence is very light, and its designed with two parts. However, is a slight larger fit, for everyones preference. And that could be the only down part with this mask, it's a bit to light of an essence for my taste, and a bit large - but it really does the job - leaving the skin hydrated and less irritated.

It's available at Glowid in Scandinavia and at SokoGlam internationally 

Yasmine Mubarak