A divine, pre-wash hair and scalp treatment oil to massage into dry hair and scalp before shampoo.

Inspired by Indian tradition - Fable & Mane was formed by two siblings. To get closer to their Indian heritage they created the HoliRoots oil, a traditional approach to repair hair from within, celebrating your hair roots with power of plant roots. 

I loved reading the story about the two siblings and their history with hair, growing up with their grandmother who treated the hair routine as a meditation. The word ‘schampoo’ is actually derived from the Hindi word chāmpo’ which means to press or knead. Symbolising the importance of not only treating but massaging your hair with an oil. During a time of deep stress one of the founders Nikita, remembered the power of the Indian tradition of hair oiling, massaging the scalp with different oils to stimulate hair growth and your mind, and the idea was born. 

The Fable & Mane HoliRoots Hair Oil is formulated with plant roots and active ingredients native to India. With a combination of plant alchemy, and Indian plants. It’s supposed to be treating your hair as well as your mind and overall wellness - awakening and strengthening your roots in order to transport you to hair nirvana. And it sure does. 

Deeply infused with key Ayurvedic extracts, the silicone-free oil moisturizes and restores the balance of the scalp. Dashmool – revered over centuries for its healing power – is a blend of ten sacred roots, promoting a sense of calm and wellbeing for the mind, body and spirit. Ashwagandha – one of the key adaptogens with proven stabilizing benefits – is an ancient medicinal herb, known to fight inflammation, relieve stress and encourage hormonal balance. Together, they strengthen the roots and cultivate healthy hair growth.

How to use it:

It’s designed to be part of your weekly hair ritual. I use it once a week, massaging it into my scalp and leave it for minimum of 20 minutes before shampooing my hair. I tried leaving it overnight once which is an option, but the smell sticks to your pillow. So, if possible, don’t forget to use a shower cap or similar when you sleep. As the picture below, if time - make sure you make it a ritual, taking your time, meditating and finding your mindfulness.

The HoliRoots Hair Oil is available exclusively at Sephora.se

Written by YM