Contour, tone, lift & increase blood circulation to your skin 

This winter, I wanted to start taking care of my skin with deep-tissue massage. I want my face to relive tension and stimulate the lymphatic drainage to flush out toxins. On my quest for face tools, I first found an ice-roller which was awful, I couldn’t understand the hype (still don’t). But no stress, the best tools just takes time to find, and now I found not one, but two. Thanks to the danish skincare brand Woods_Copenhagen. In the last 2 months they have released two face sculptures – which have been great.

First, the SCULPTING FACE GUA SHA, a sculpting crystal with ancient healing technique, seen on the picture above. Gua Sha has been used for centuries in China, and South Asia, and become a phenomenon, the last decade, to the rest of the world. While I have used a Gua Sha previously, it was time to step up my game with real crystal and multiple edges.

Made of naturally cooling Citrine crystal, it’s linked to light and happiness known to help the mind and body feel recharged and energized. Using it, I can definitely feel the difference as it relief muscular tension and boost the blood circulation (your face become a bit red). This specific Gua Sha has multiple-edges that provied the skin with a soothing and powerful deep-tissue face massage. With the different edges you use the edge you think works best. For example, one for your cheeks, under eyes, neck and forehead - to really get the most out of your new product.

How to: A must, is to use it together with a favorite face oil or serum, so make sure your face is drenched in it before starting. This will make the tool easier to use but most important less harsh on your skin. Another advice is too watch countless of YouTube tutorials on how to create a great regime, so pro tip is to check those out.

The Contouring Facial Roller by Woods_Copenhagen 

Another superstar I found, that I use together with the Gua Sha, is Woods_Copenhagen's CONTOURING FACIAL ROLLER which is a great multi product. I have been using both of these products together for different purposes. I can't choose which one I love the most. They both are superstars in their own right - working in different layers of the skin. They just feel so different from each other, the roller is smoother on your skin, and nicer to use on your forehead and to sculpt your cheek and around the eyes. The contouring facial roller helps stimulate the skin’s blood flow while visibly lifting and tightening the skin for a healthy and radiant appearance. Which provides the skin with a gentle, de-puffing massage while stimulating lymphatic drainage to flush out toxins. It's a part of my self-care routine now, not to mention when using a sheet mask - a roller is a great way to really get that left over serum being absorbed by your skin.

How to: Massage in slow and gentle motions on clean and dry skin on the given points of the face in upward motions as seen on the picture above. I also use it with an oil or serum. Use once daily or as preferred for 5-10 minutes per session for optimal results.

As my last thoughts, depending on what you wish to result. The Gua Sha, is great to sculpt your face and really work your deep-tissue while the Contouring Face Roller – which works in the same way is a bit more easier to use and drench lymphatic and work to detox your skin.


Written by YM