Nars have released a new foundation, the ''Light Reflecting Foundation'' in 36 shades.

The new launch is a a cross between skincare and make-up, using the best of both worlds. According to Sephora, it is “an advanced makeup-skincare-hybrid foundation with a natural finish that quickly blurs and smooths while visibly improving skin’s clarity over time.” And it sure does, for my 2 weeks of using it, it delivers medium, buildable coverage, an airy texture and a natural finish.

To understand the review, I typically wear a classic, “'no make-up, make-up look”. I want it to be the easiest possible, to get the most natural and long-lasting finish. Since, if I go for the full coverage foundation, I have no idea (and not enough patience) to create the full make up look with eyes and all. As a conclusion, I am the minimalist of foundation, and for this NARS product, it works perfectly. It helps me just as good when I have one layer, as when I build more coverage.

As for the formula, it’s a mix of active ingredients that help the skin defend itself against environmental stressors, and blue-light. While also strengthening the skin barrier. The foundation uses 70% of skincare ingrediants, including Biomimetic Oat to calm redness and Japanese Lilyturf to hydrate. Perfect, right? The formula contains over 81% naturally derived ingredients, and is suitable for daily use on most skin types, including sensitive skin. 

For all of these reasons, this foundation is very good. It's a perfect medium coverage, that still lets my skin breath after a quick application in the morning. However, make sure you have a good hydrating primer if you have dry skin, so that the foundation hydrates your face all day. To my understanding researching on NARS website, there is a whole serie called ''Light Reflecting Collection'' that includes other products such as an lotion - that perhaps could be my next step to try. But mainly, the foundation instantly blurs my imperfections and helps conceal blemishes, and redness. Not to mention, gives just the right amount of glow. 

Find the new Light Reflecting Foundation from NARS here and in-store at Sephora from March 2022. 

Written by YM