First and foremost, my first wonder about this product was the name -  ‘’Young Again’’. Who decided that? While the masque is focused on aging hair, that perhaps lost it’s own bounce and fullness, the name could have been avoided. Nevertheless, I wasn’t going to fall back just because of the name – perhaps this could have been a hidden gem.

The product is described to ‘’breathe new life back into brittle and ageing hair”. The at-home masque has known rejuvenating ingredients to help restore your hair. Since everything from hormonal changes, lifestyle changes and aging – there are many changes that can have effect on our hair’s condition.

It’s packed with Immortelle and Baobab Oils, Lotus Flower and Orchid Extract that helps nourish the hair. As well as 20 different Amino Acid that is supposed to help deeply condition your hair and strengthen it. For the review, I asked three different age groups, from 25 to 65 with straight thin hair to try this product, and all of them (including myself) think it gives a smooth and soft result. After a few uses, your hair becomes bouncy and soft. It definitly does what it promises. So yes, it brings back that fresh life back to the hair. The product is also sulphate, paraben and cruelty-free, with quinoa och rice protein. 

How to use:
Apply to freshly washed hair, massage into hair and scalp, leave on for 5-15 minutes, and then rinse. One of the people I asked to try it, also used it as a conditioner. Since she noticed such as different in her hair – feeling softer and fuller. Which I think is not a bad idea! 

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Written by YM


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