Living Proof Triple Bond Complex

Living Proof Triple Bond Complex is a haircare product designed to repair and strengthen hair bonds that have been broken by styling, coloring, or other treatments. It is a user-friendly, one-step treatment that repairs all three types of hair bonds, leaving hair 8 times stronger, smoother, and shinier. It also protects against future damage, allowing for styling without compromising hair health. It contains 3D Fortifying Technology, an encapsulated cellular oil, and a biomimetic emollient blend, all of which work together to deliver immediate and long-term improvements to hair. It is recommended by stylists and is suitable for all hair types.

Key benefits

  • Scientifically proven to make hair 8 times stronger
  • Builds all three types of bonds in the hair: hydrogen, ionic, and covalent
  • Reduces visible signs of hair damage including split ends while preventing breakage + future damage
  • Heat protection up to 450°F/232°C
  • Pro tip: leave on for 10 minutes before adding styler and heat for best results