Anna Berglund and Kristin Larsson’s first exhibition “Silva” is currently showing at Galleri Sebastian Schildt. “Silva” is the latin word for forest. The interest in the forest and the untamed nature is one of the artists’ several similarities.

Anna Berglund presents the sculptures in The Glass Forest in full for the first time. It is an allegory of the seasons and the last part to be introduced is “Winter” which with its crisp colors makes the forest shine, seen through four different temperaments.

Kristin Larsson creates wall-hung sculptures consisting of glass and silver-colored metals. The shiny glass springs from graceful branches made of recycled metals that has been transformed and refined. The desire to experiment in pursuit of beauty creates a feeling of artificial naturalia and shimmering light.

For both Anna Berglund and Kristin Larsson, it’s about marveling at nature’s boundless aesthetics, the playful flirtation with art history, but perhaps most of all, the fascination for the endless possibilities of melted glass.