H&M Beauty Unveils Second Makeup Stories Campaign with Global Makeup Artist Raoúl Alejandre

H&M Beauty Unveils Second Makeup Stories Campaign with Global Makeup Artist Raoúl Alejandre

H&M Beauty is on a mission to redefine their cosmetics collection with the launch of their second campaign, Makeup Stories, curated by the esteemed Global Makeup Artist Raoúl Alejandre. The campaign is a celebration of lip-focused beauty, featuring an expanded array of makeup tools and high-quality products, all aligned with the refreshed brand identity of H&M Beauty.

Raoúl Alejandre, whose artistic vision shapes the campaign, draws inspiration from the eclectic and diverse beauty looks that defined the 80s. He brings a modern twist to his favorite classic styles, ensuring that H&M's beauty offerings resonate with both nostalgia and contemporary aesthetics.

The new product line-up includes an impressive selection of lipsticks available in both satin and matte finishes, catering to a variety of personal preferences and styles. The Satin Icon lipstick boasts a range of 36 shades, delivering a soft satin finish with intense pigmentation. For those who prefer a shine-free look, the Matte Lippie offers a luminous matte finish across 18 different shades. A noteworthy aspect of these lipsticks is their vegan formulation, incorporating Hyaluronic Acid for added lip care benefits.

In a bid to provide a full lip color experience, the campaign also introduces the 'Mad for Matte' liquid lipstick and the 'Mark My Lips' lip liner. These additions aim to complement the existing lipstick range and provide customers with the tools to achieve a perfectly defined pout.

Raoúl Alejandre expresses his enthusiasm for the quality and affordability of the new beauty range, “I love the high-quality pigmentation and rich formulas of this range, and that it is totally affordable and available to everyone.” He shares a pro tip for those wanting to experiment with their lip look, “I really love using a variation of three [products] to create a unique lip colour. When trying to create an ombre lip, lip-pencils are a staple.”

With this second drop, H&M Beauty not only commits to a higher standard of product formulation and packaging but also democratizes beauty by making these premium-quality, innovative products accessible to a broad audience. As Raoúl Alejandre continues to redefine beauty standards through his creative collaboration with H&M, customers can look forward to exploring their individuality with the new Makeup Stories range.


Written by Elva Ahlbin
Beauty Editor