Axel Arigato releases their Pre-AW24 collection with a dedicated campaign, 'On My Way'. The shoot, lensed by photographer Davey Adesida, introduces AW24's theme of spaces made for infinite dreaming; Worlds that are in a state of boundless change and the people that occupy it.

'On My Way' documents these individuals and their journey to a fictious destination. A sense of mystery and intrigue linger as we become a fly on the wall during this enigmatic excursion. The viewer is inclined to ask, who are they and where are they going? For now, these questions remain un-answered.

Cars grind to a halt and solitude figures step out clad in Axel Arigato sneakers. Classic Area, Dice Lo, Genesis and Sphere are ideated in new colourways. They provide the footwear for this ride - signature silhouettes that are re-imagined for the season.

Flowers obscure faces, mysterious envelopes suggest impending news, and ambivalent canines snooze in out-stretched arms. A sense of transience is captured throughout the images - a cast of individuals all on a unique mission. Whilst these characters congregate together - they all arrive in their own unique style.

'On My Way' is in itself a departure - offering a sense of newness in how the brand is interpreted through visual language. As the brand turns 10 in 2024, this milestone moment signals a time to capture a sense of newness and change.

For AW24, the journey is only just beginning…