A sun-kissed journey unfolds in By Malene Birger's Spring/Summer 2024 campaign, featuring the captivating Malgosia Bela. Set against the picturesque backdrop of Hydra, Greece, this campaign is a celebration of confidence, femininity, and the island’s understated luxury. Creative director Maja Dixdotter praises Bela's effortless elegance, seamlessly
blending with Hydra’s unique culture. Captured through the lens of Suzanne Koller, the campaign transforms rustic landscapes into an intimate visual symphony. Adding to this allure, BY MALENE BIRGER is launching a three-month pop-up store in Hydra from June 1 to August 31, 2024. Located in the Melisses Gallery, this curated haven will showcase beachwear, swimwear, and accessories from the latest collection. However, this venture transcends fashion, embarking on a multifaceted cultural journey.

Maja Dixdotter shares her personal connection to Bela and Hydra: “Photographing her wearing spring’s effortless looks in Hydra, an island that communicates culture and low-key luxury, was a highly personal experience.” Malgosia Bela, deeply rooted in Hydra, echoes this sentiment: “As a proud Hydriot, these photographs evoke the special character of
my island.”

The campaign extends beyond visuals, embracing collaborations that enrich the cultural narrative of Hydra. American-born curator and Hydra resident Josh Hickey presents the 'Hydra Book Club,' intertwining literature with fashion. French artist Tom Powell, a Hydra resident since 2008, captures the island's essence through oil paintings
featuring Bela. Ceramist Vittoria Berardinone crafts bespoke pottery inspired by Greek ceramics, adding an artistic flair. Local products sourced from Hydra infuse the brand's global retail tapestry with authenticity. Beeswax candles from a hilltop store, olive oil soaps from a pharmacy dating back to 1890, and Mediterranean tea from Athens-based Daphnis and Chloé each tell their own story. BY MALENE BIRGER's Hydra pop-up store is more than a retail space; it’s an immersive cultural experience.