Curiosity. Few words may better describe what drives Fredrik Skogkvist’s photography. Amazed by the richness of the world, Fredrik tends to leave no stone unturned in his restless pursuit for beauty and joy in the seemingly mundane.
There’s a rare sense of permissiveness about Fredrik’s photography, an acceptance of people and things as they are. He doesn’t judge what he sees. This lends a kind of raw honesty to his images.
Fredrik’s natural inclination to leave his preconceptions about the world at the door has taken him to very interesting places. It has enabled him to encounter a variety of colorful, fascinating people. It accounts for the raw, energetic sense of surprise that you find in his images.
His eye for the detail that expresses the personality of a person or a place is uncanny. Whether Fredrik portrays Sri Lankan surfers or street vendors in Chicago, he always avoid the pitfall of the generic. Both familiar and strange, it’s like you’ve met the people he portrays before but can’t remember where.