Oliver Blohm is a Berlin based photographer, focusing mainly on portraits and experimental photography. Grown up in a small village close to the Baltic Sea in Germany, he discovered photography in his late teens. He did not decide to study photography in the first place but wanted to get into graphic design and commercials.
By chance he got a job offer to work as the photography laboratory assistant at his university right at the beginning of studying Communication Design and Media at HS Wismar - University of applied Science, Technology, Business and Design. It felt like a sign to him to follow the path of this profession from that moment on. 
Before making his final degree he decided to move to Berlin to improve his carrier chances and to find people helping him to create his images. Nearly all of the works emerged from the utilization of analog material in many different ways so far, e.g. inventing a technique to develop and manipulate polaroids by using a microwave.
He shot various editorials for magazines like Kaltblut, Zink, Kock, Chaos and recently for Odalisque since his arrival in Berlin. Among finishing his diploma, Oliver Blohm is currently working on different projects and hosts masterclasses in experimental Polaroid photography.