Rickard wanted to be a professional footballer, but unfortunately he was too small for a big sports career. So instead, he worked on his talent of capturing people in photographs and made this his profession. This is exactly his strength as a photographer: engaging with other people, recognising their beauty and extraordinary nature, and then capturing the personality of people and places.

Rickard is a restless photographer and film-maker who is rarely satisfied with himself, so he continues to develop his style every day. But he is now able to occasionally take a break and be happy about the fact that, with photography, he is able to do exactly what he wants.


Commercial: H&M, Absolut Vodka, Adidas, Heineken, Volvo, Clairol, Pantene, Legacy, S.Oliver, Zalando among others.
Editorials: Monocle, Icon Magazine, Plaza, Schön! Glamour, Cosmopolitan among others.