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    An Interview with Namelle

    Written by Fashion Tales

    Electro pop artist and songwriter from Sweden is now releasing new music. With a great passion for storytelling she invite us all to take part of her journal while listening to her songs. We catched her between all the summer gigs to shoot this series.

    When did your interest in music begin?
    My interest in music showed at a very early age. I used to dance around and sing along before I could even walk or talk. After that music became more and more important to me.

    When did you realize that music was for you and how did it happen?
    I did my first performance at a school show in 8th grade, and afterward, people came up to me and gave me so many compliments for it. Like most kids in high school, I felt lost at the time, and the sudden appreciation made me feel like I had found my place in life. Suddenly I was “Namelle, the girl who sings”.

    What kind of music did you grow up listening to?
    Swedish dansband, Rammstein and Kelly Clarkson. My mother had a broad music taste and she always decided what we’d listen to in the car.

    How did your career start?
    I continued to perform as much as I could and got more and more shows booked. I had a lot of support from people around me who encouraged me to continue.

    When did you realise that music was something you could make a career of?
    My entrepreneurship teacher Christian was the one who taught me that it’s possible to get paid for gigs, and because I had so many bookings I started up my own company and started to earn money from it.

    What can we expect from you in the future?
    A lot! I love music, fashion, fitness and motorcycles so I’ll definitely be doing different things related to that. Music is really my number one thing, both writing for myself and others.
    This summer I’m going on a tour here in Sweden, and hopefully, I’ll be able to do a Europe/UK tour very soon too.

    Do you find that your music changes you or does the music change with you?
    What an interesting question. I guess that music changes me overall, with a lot of new impressions from different sounds and lyrics that make me think. And I guess that my own music changes me when I see how the audience reacts to it. If a song means something special for them it can give me a new perspective too. My music definitely changes with me depending on where I am in life and who I’m working with.

    Which singer would you dream of collab with, dead or alive?
    My dream collaborations is Linkin Park, Rudimental, Ryan Tedder, Jon Bellion and Thomas Stenström. Wakey Wakey was also included here but I got the honor to work with him in Austin a few months ago.

    What do you do before a performance? Do you have a preparation ritual or something?
    Not any specific ritual to be honest. As long as I have a good soundcheck I just relax before the gig.

    Tell me about yourself, how did you end up here?
    I’m an entrepreneurial, music addicted morning person who loves networking and traveling.
    For me, it’s always been clear that music is my path. HOW to do it has always been more difficult to know but I’ve just followed my instincts and done what I think is right.
    I think it’s my drive in combination with all the inspiration I get from people around me that have taken me this far.

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    //B A C K S L A S H// - An Interview with Patricio Alarcón Molina

    Written by Fashion Tales

    A quick chat with Stockholm based designer Patricio Alarcón Molina.
    He prefers working with couture, and one-off pieces and says he’s got no intention of creating collections “ I couldn’t live with myself mass producing my Designs” he strives to keep his ecological footprint as low as possible.
    I might be a complete fool but my philosophy is “Artistic freedom & environmental awareness before profit”

    What do you strive for as a designer?
    I aim to create extraordinary, timeless pieces of high quality and fit.

    How do you apply your environmental goals to your Design?
    I source my fabrics out of second hand findings and dead stock, my belief is that we can create anything and everything without the need to source new fibers and fabrics.
    “We already got everything we need”

    How would you describe your couture?
    The feeling of my pieces is dreamy and my aim is to portray the woman as a being, enigmatic, strong, innocent, and treacherous.
    For this project I chose to work with voluminous, sheer fabrics and heavier silks. This together with velvet to make a distinct contrast and balance.

    How would you describe the creative idea behind the collaboration between you and photographer Ela Strand in your story Backslash?
    // backslash // is a flashback of what has been, our fading memories, this story embodies the lost of innocence, the feeling of anxiety, and the melancholy in our present time.

    What does the word fashion mean to you?
    Fashion is everything fun in life, except mass production, overconsumption, and pollution.

    Take your responsibility
    //Patricio Alarcón Molina

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  • The Summer Sunscreens: The Ultimate List

    Written by Yasmine

    Is that time again, summer and sun exposure. With many of us using serums with vitamin c and acids as a part of our skincare routine, a good sunscreen is even more important. I have created a list with different sunscreens that are great for protection, sensitive skin and look good with or without make up. Read the list below! 


    Most of the sunscreens work under makeup, many on the list works perfectly under makeup as well such as Emma S, Supergoop! and Clarins sunscreens. But here is two more that are both smooth, easy to use and gives a perfect primer.

    SENSAI Silky Bronze Cellular Protective Cream For Face SPF30+, A water-resistant multi-protection sunscreen protecting against various damage and oxidation from UV rays while addressing signs of sun-ageing. It's also availble in SPF50+, if possible choose the one with a higher protection during summer. And SPF30+ during fall and spring. 

    Vichy Capital Soleil UV Age Daily SPF50Ultra-light sunscreen against photo-aging with very high protection SPF 50+. Enriched with probiotic fractions, peptides and niacinamide. Prevents the appearance of fine lines, pigmentation and oxidative stress of the skin caused by UV rays and impurities.


    It's very important to reapply sunscreen during sunny days. While I know it's hard to do, here are some really good alternatives, that don't destroy your makeup or need you to use your fingers on your face.

    Supergoop Glow Stick SPF 50 A portable, glow-boosting, dry oil sunscreen stick for face, chest and shoulders. This Glow Stick is a travel-friendly SPF that you can pop into your handbag. It's totally invisible, majorly hydrating and perfect to use as a face or body highlighter, as it leaves behind a dewy finish without an oily residue.

    Clarins Invisible Sun Care Stick SPF50 This is one of the best products for reapplication. It smells lovely, and is super easy to use on the road. You only need a quick swipe over the face. Best part, it's not sticky or gives me that shiny look. Good for oily and combination skin. 

    Supergoop (Re)setting 100% Mineral Powder SPF 35 If a stick is not for you, there is different ways to reapply sunscreen. This mineral powder is a way to do it. The 100% mineral, non-nano setting powder with SPF sets both your makeup and mattifies skin. Perfect for all skin types, and reduces shine. 

    Sport / Activity

    Emma S Hydrating Sun Protection Spf 50 Face One of few sunscreens that don’t get it to your eyes. A hydrating and very water resistant sunscreen that will give your skin a high and healthy broad spectrum UVA and UVB protection (Spf 50). It contains Hyaluronic acid, Squalane and Vitamin E that nourishes your skin.

    Dermalogica Protection 50 Sport SPF50, is a great body sunscreen for outdoor sport activities. It dosen't dissapear and not greasy.

    Sensitive skin + Body 

    For us with sensitive skin, finding good sunscreens can be a challenge. But with immense testing, I have found a few new favorites that works for all skin types.

    ACO Atoprotect Lotion SPF 50+, Intensely moisturizing sunscreen specially developed for dry and atopic skin. The sun lotion immediately protects against the sun's rays at the same time as it strengthens the skin barrier and makes the skin soft. It's a new favorite for this summer. 

    ACO Sun Kids Active Mousse SPF 50 Mousse believe it or not, I actually use kids sunscreens sometimes when it's super warm outside, since they are kinder to the skin and usually have a very good water-resistance. This new formula is simple and easy to apply and is quickly absorbed by the skin without smudges. Contains Triple Moist Complex which provides immediate, intense and long-lasting deep hydration in the skin, as well as panthenol which helps to strengthen the skin barrier.

    Eucerin Sun Actinic Control MD Sun Cream for Face & Body SPF 100 this is a sunscreen if you have very sensitive skin. The package is a bit smaller, so it's to be used on certain places on your body & face. It's a medical device with a high SPF, to help with sun protection and prevention of Actinic Keratosis and non-melanoma skin cancer. Shake well before using and apply generously. 

    Eucerin Sun Allergy Protection Sun Cream for Face & Body SPF 50+ The new Eucerin Sun Allergy Creme-Gel SPF50 has a 3-dimensional superior protection system: UVA protection to help prevent premature skin ageing, UVB protection to help protect against sunburn and Biological Cell Protection to help strengthen skin cell’s own defences against the sun. Suitable for sensitive skin, even for allergies such as Polymorphic Light Eruption (PLE). Eucerin also has great kids sunscreens that are even kinder on your skin - perfect for activities. 

    La Roche-Posay Anthelios Sun lotion SPF30 provides a high broad spectrum and high UVA and UVB protection. Water resistant. Leaves no white marks. The sunscreen is also very moisturizing, and gives a nice glow. The packaging is also 100% recycled and in a paper package. The Sun Lotion is also available in SPF 50+ 

    ACO Sun Ultra Light Face Fluid SPF 50+  is a good light weight sunscreen that is perfect if you are on the countryside working in the garden. Since it leaves a white cast, and good for reflecting the light. 

    The Body Shop, Skin Defence Lip Balm SPF 50+  an advice from beauty editor Elva, is this lip balm that makes the lips soft with a nice pepparmint scent. Protecting our lips is just as important. 

    Last advice and thoughts; For a sunscreen to protect against visible light, it must be visible on the skin. Inorganic filters (also known as mineral filters), namely, zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, are used in the form of nanoparticles in sunscreens to minimize the chalky and white appearance on the skin; as such, they do not protect against visible light. For darker skin tones, a perfect assistant is the tinted sunscreens – where you get the visible protection onto the skin for it to be reflected off your skin barrier.

    Filters with titanium dioxide or zinc oxide reduced the transmittance of visible light more effectively than untinted sunscreens containing titanium dioxide or zinc oxide alone or products containing organic filters. Currently available UV filters used in sunscreen products consist of 2 categories: organic (also commonly known as chemical) and inorganic (also known as mineral). These filters are designed to absorb, scatter, and reflect UV photons with wavelengths up to 380 nm but are not designed to reduce visible light–induced effects.