CHIMI launches new collection with colorful sunglasses for colorful people

Written by Fashion Tales

The fashion company CHIMI's new collection NEON, has taken its expression “colorful sunglasses for colorful people ”one step further. The new collection consists of rectangular sunglasses with sharp lines available to choose from the colors pink, orange and green.

We thought it was time to take back the best of the 80s and 90s and create a collection that really illuminates life. We would simply take colorful sunglasses to a whole new level, which we also has succeeded! ”says Charlie Lindström, co-founder of CHIMI.

CHIMI has also abandoned its classic eyeglass case and instead delivers NEON glasses in luminous plexi boxes.

The collection has been tagged with icons such as Ewa Fröling and Saurabh Sinha, colorful people who CHIMI wants to highlight in connection with the launch of NEON.

It is always fun to work with people who we think reflect our collections. Therefore, both are Ewa and Saurabh a perfect fit for NEON! ”continues Charlie Lindström.

The collection is available for purchase from February 26.