photography by AGNES STRAND
stylist ANNA SUNDELIN / Agent Bauer


Written by Anna Sundelin

Swedish singer, songwriter and producer of pop music. She creates her own label “SWEET MUSIC”.

What is your dream project?
I’d love to gather a lot of creative people to a concert night to celebrate music and all sorts of creativity. Something that stimulates all your senses basically, so I’d love to invite people who cook amazing food, artists, poets, photographers to make a rememberable night together. This summer, I arranged something like that but in a smaller scale than what I hope to create in the future. Also, I love karaoke and dream of starting a live karaoke club, with a band on stage so that people can feel like superstars for 4 minutes! Wouldn’t that be awesome?

How did you become interested in this field?
Music has always been a natural part of my life and I’ve always felt drawn to it. I remember when I first discovered piano as an instrument, I was at my grandparent’s house and they’d just gotten this piano to be able to arrange these so-called worship meetings at their home with friends and people from church. One day I laid my chubby little hands on it and remember feeling overwhelmed with how beautiful it sounded, but also super frustrated as I couldn’t play it properly. I heard melodies in my head and tried to figure out the right melodies and chords, only using my ears. Later, my parents helped me get private lessons and the rest is history!

What did you learn a little too late?
To not get stuck and keep yourself inspired. It goes for life in general too, I think we too often get stuck in relationships and situations that doesn’t flow, because we’re too scared of change or making things a little uncomfortable. I believe a lot of good things follows when you give yourself your best chances to feel good. So I try to surround myself with people that makes me laugh and to trust the process of life to turn out the best way possible, as long as I make sure to enjoy myself and what I’m doing.

How would you describe your aesthetics?
I get inspired by so many different things all the time. But I like the idea of a classic 90’s mom meets Mia Wallace and the world they’re in. Relaxed yet sharp and a little dangerous at the same time. I like it when things are a little bit off, punk and grainy but also classically beautiful and minimalistic. I’m also really into colors, it tickles my brain!

Would you describe yourself as more of a pessimist or a dreamer?
I think it takes a dreamer to turn your hobby into your job. You need some courage and probably some naivety too, to be able to see possibilities in things that might not seem possible for others. Having dreams pushes you forward!

What gives you energy? 
To be with my friends. And doing things outside my comfort zone. It makes me feel alive! For example, I’ve been producing music for three big commercials this year and that’s something I’ve never done before. Producing songs for yourself is hard and challenging in its own way, but to actually taking on the role of being in charge of the music in big projects that involves a lot of people and money is something else. I feel like a superwoman when I get a new challenge thrown at me that I’ve never done before and it turns out good.

What is the best thing about being an artist based in Sweden?
Sweden is small but we still strive to do big things and make a mark in the world. I think that’s why we’re so good in music here. And the music community is very supportive too, people are nice to each other and there’s so much talent here, it’s crazy! I’ve always felt very proud when going abroad to the US or so, and people find out that I’m from Sweden. It’s like you get approved just by being a musician from Sweden.