• Sorry baby didn't wanna show her cute face today on digital.
    It's Caridos birthday so we celebrated this morning with breakfast in bed only he ate it in the kitchen because baby was a sleep in the bed. As a birthday gift from me he got tickets to the opera! We're seeing Dracula tomorrow. I'm so looking forward to this. Grandma A is babysitting. This is actually the first time Carido and I will do something by ourselves since Vesper was born. 13 months later! Wow.
    I'm wearing a vintage skirt I bought in Amsterdam, a vintage top from Humana and a cardigan from J.Lindeberg, Vesper is wearing Zara.

    Love, Michaela Widergren
  • I’m feeling to much as a chicken right now to cut my hair short… Maybe I’ll just save it really long and natural? Maybe bangs? Even though I swore never to cut bangs again. Maybe I’ll just let it be like the Olsens.

    Love, Michaela Widergren
  • …to get a relevant picture of my hair and this is what I managed to achieve. So as you can see it’s not super long but it’s getting there. Just afraid I might cut it short and regret it in a second. I have so much “baby hair” growing at the moment, I must have lost a lot of hair after giving birth even though I didn’t noticed. I’ve heard from several sources that can happen she you breastfeed your child.. It’s about 3 cm long and when wear my hair up it sticks out and looks funny in a not so fun way. If I’d keep my hair growing long I’d like it to be waist long and all natural and 70s inspired. Maybe I need to make a moodboard for that too?!
    And yes, we’re still at home trying to recover from last weekends cold.

    I’m wearing a top from Stylein, skirt from Beyond Retro and stockings from H&M. Baby V is wearing a sweater from Zara, stockings from Miniature and moccasins from South Africa.

    Love, Michaela Widergren


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