• Loving these Magic Words by Mereba
    this morning with coffee, bittersweet -
    to mask the distaste weekend lovers left a lie. 
    Love, Karissma Yve
  • Really into Octavia Butler's archives and notes for success as I steadily pace myself on the journey toward happiness.

    While it all resonates,

    I am drawn to her self study and practice from

    Napolean Hill's thoery on how one can acheive personal success which may be applied to all things worth working toward, not just in business. 


    Love, Karissma Yve
  • The longing to build aesthetic worlds

    like concrete, steel and dark fibrous wood dreamscape emerging from the depths of my being. 

    It's wild to know that anything is possible with the right determination, dedication and discipline. 

    Raw passionate energy, the prima materia - the ubiquitous matter that resembles ones purpose. 

    I spent the last year relentlessly laying the foundation of this particular path, toward my purpose. I have talked about it a bit - but not enough. Usually when I am on a journey with a project or a new phase of jewelry I tend to withdraw from the outer in order to call upon the inner workings of myself. I am always feeling like I'm in a state of a divine evolution. 

    However in 2016, I went to Paris less than normal and produced substantially less jewelry.

    Some thing pulled on my heart, some thing told me to put my stakes down in the cold, fertile yet damaged ground. Because that ground was in a state of healing… and with that healing there's this need for an aesthetic resurgence. 

    Detroit - I felt like it was time.  

    In 2016,

    I worked diligently on 2 business challenges dedicated to supporting entrepreneurship in Detroit and was awarded a total of $45,000 in grant funding in order to support the development of my showroom and precious metal manufacturing facility. 

    What a great start to the New Year!

    At the Motor City Match award announcement,

    I was awarded by Detroit's Mayor, Mike Duggan and the US Vice President, Joe Biden - in my opinion one of the greatest Veep's in American history. 

    This is all a bit surreal,

    mostly because I set goals that I call “manifestations” and I provide a very loose plan of how I plan to arrive there or how I expect to arrive there. Almost never is it outcome exactly how I thought it would be, but I always get there. 

    Almost every manifestation that I have written, I have achieved and some came with pleasant surprises. Thanks to the work that I put in,  hundreds of hours - working with a knowing that I will get there and that this work will pay off, eventually. 

    A year later and here I am, $45,000 in grant funding from 2 different sources to welcome the new year. 

    -  and a newly evolved version of the love that I have for myself.  

    More to come soon! 

    Love, Karissma Yve


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