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Ninja traveller. Seamlessly travels between Stockholm, Shanghai, Zurich and France. Late nights in the city and early morning countryside life. Fashion, beauty, reflections, portraits and inspiration.

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  • It's here, lovelies - it's finally here!

    Team Odalisque has been working so hard with this issue and it came out so beautiful. We're a greatful bunch today. 

    I'm so happy about our team, all contributors and of course, our amazing advertisers. We're nothing without eachother and absolutely everything together.



    Love, Christine Deckert
  • How was Easter, lovelies? 

    We spent the weekend in the archipelago with family, good food and nature. I baked strawberry pie, walked around in the forest and got my happy on. 

    Today is an exciting day for team Odalisque -more on that soon. 


    Love, Christine Deckert
  • You know by now that I love Babor's ampoules. My best skin-hack advice this spring would be the Easter egg that contains 14 potent ampoules to give you that extra glow for the festivties. It's alredy sold out in Babor's web shop but you can find it at Skin City for 629 SEK

    You're welcome!


    Love, Christine Deckert


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