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Ninja traveller. Seamlessly travels between Stockholm, Shanghai, Zurich and France. Late nights in the city and early morning countryside life. Fashion, beauty, reflections, portraits and inspiration.

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  • A well hidden but fully booked (by release date, trough the summer!) gem, is Svartsö Krog. A boat ride of 1,5 h will take you to this beautufil little island in the Stockholm archipelago and there you'll find Svartsö Krog. A family owned glamping area with a restaurant focusing on local produce and natural wines. Wonderful service, people and ambiance. We've already decided to make it a family tradition to go every summer. 

    Dress: By Malene Birger

    Flats: Tory Burch 

    Sunglasses: Ralph Lauren 

    T-shirt: Acne Studios 


    Love, Christine Deckert
  • You understand why I needed to spend every second of summer with this little guy, right? Pure love. 


    Love, Christine Deckert
  • I took a break from writing this summer as I wanted to spend as much time as possible with our little one. Having a child is such a wonderful and transformative experience and I felt that I wanted to live in the moment and take it all in. As I've had a chance to do so I'm happy to be back to share some highlights and hopefully keep updating a bit more frequently this fall. We're spending a month in France soon and I aim to write at least 2 updates per week.

    One of our highlights this summer was our trip to the West Coast to see my family. It's been a tricky year, but when Albert was 7 months old, we felt that it was time for my family to meet him, so we quaranteened for two weeks and drove to see them. 

    After a few days we got chased out of the house by my lovely family members as they thought we deserved a night on the town just the two of us, and since Albert was in safe hands, we asked our friends where to go in Gothenburg if you love natural wine, awesome food and a bit of ambiance. 

    We did this : 


    Natural wines, small dishes and appetizers, Champagne and a lovely little garden. 

    Kyrkogatan 13, Göteborg

    Restaurang Natur 

    Natural wines, delicious food with carefully selected produce and great service. 

    Geijersgatan 12, Göteborg 

    Unity Jazz Club 

    Live jazz, cocktails, natural wine and craft beer.

    Kyrkogatan 13, Göteborg                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

    Sunglasses: Saint Laurent 

    Dress: By Malene Birger


    Love, Christine Deckert


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