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  • Earlier today i meet up with a friend for some tea at a cozy little place. I got a cold for a couple of days ago so the last days i just been in bed. Not too bad though except from sleeping that i love i’ve got plenty of time to study for my driving theory test.

    Love, Jahwanna Berglund
  • When i got the honor to work with Angelina Jolin on the Nobel Banquet 2013 and 2014.
    Time flies!

    Love, Jahwanna Berglund
  • Except working and celebrating a lot of birthdays (I have a lot of family members and friends having their birthdays in October, November and December).
    I went to Chanel’s beauty store opening in Stockholm last week. On the picture me and Pari.
    Art Thursday - checking out Galleri Sebastian Schildt exhibition ”Corpus Maximus”.
    And a XXL gingerbread house in the making in the lobby.

    Love, Jahwanna Berglund


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