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  • A Sunday well spent.
    Started the day with some yoga, I absolutely love when I can make it to an early yoga class on the weekends, I'd rather sleep but sometimes I deny myself and just get up. After yoga I passed Fabrique aka heaven to buy some buns that i brought with me for a whole day in the sun with my beloved mother.

    Love, Jahwanna Berglund
  • This fall Uniqlo will finally open its first store in Sweden, they will open at Hamngatan next to Kungsträdgården in Illums Bolighus old location. It will be 4 floors filled with women, men and childrens wear.  

    Love, Jahwanna Berglund
  • My weekend through pictures.

    Since we had an event at Strand in Stockholm both Thursday and Saturday i spent my Friday at home watching Westworld (I’m possessed by Anthony Hopkins) hehe… And ended the weekend with a bun at Saturnus.

    Love, Jahwanna Berglund


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