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On my blog I will share my inspirations for my work, as a make- up artist, through photography, art, words and fashion. What inspires me, the creative process, and to inspire you through the world of beauty.

  • I guess summer is over, august is here, summer break is done and now back to bussines! Just started with these organic cottonpads, I kinda like it and they feel good on my face. I always forget to buy new ones, we'll see if I manage to wash these on time!! 

    Love, Pari Damani
  • The other day I went and bought my friend a birthday present from Tom Ford and I could not stop myself from buying a mascara. I have never tried Tom Ford mascara, been trying to keep myself away from their counter just because otherwise I would get everything. And I LOVE the mascara!! I just put some on and it just glides on, gave me some nice lenght without any clumps. Very luxurious feel! Love it! Beside the mascara from TF I have used the Shade & Illuminate in my kot sinve it launched and will never stop buying it for my kit! 

    Love, Pari Damani
  • I’ve already started my holiday and in south-west of France. Chillin in Biarritz with my tiny family and the current situationis: sand up my bum, drinking water, swimming in the océan Atlantique and obsessing over whar to buy in the French Pharmacies. I think we need to buy an extra bag to check in. Loving all the french hydrangeas they’re beautiful and everywhere down here!

    Love, Pari Damani


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