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On my blog I will share my inspirations for my work, as a make- up artist, through photography, art, words and fashion. What inspires me, the creative process, and to inspire you through the world of beauty.

  • Went to a press event this morning with Hot Tools at Spalt PR. I have never tried their products before so I am very intrigued. This is their latest innovation, no more shoulder ache when creating curls (I imagine). You can adjust the heat and timer, so when your seconds are up the curler will vibrate to say that you can remove the hair from the tong. Very interesting! 

    Love, Pari Damani
  • Been testing and using eyecreams for long now and I have come down to a few favourites. I have been using a moisturizer which is too thick, but I still really like it. I've also been using it under my eyes which has now started to show in small tiny tiny white lumps (thinking milia but they're still very small and not so visible). So from right to left, I use the Neostrata PHA (which I bought , a light acid) to prevent that. The Origins Ginseng (bought myself after I tested a press sample) one I use if I am  dark under my eyes thanks to the light reflecting and sooting properties the cream has. The Verso super eye serum with retionol (press sample) I just use occasionally, retionol is strong but it really does it's job if I've slept badly and very swollen under the eye.

    If you are sensitive to retinol or just don't like it I really like the soothing stick from Milk Makeup in combination with the aluminium eye roller from Real Techniques. Just be aware that these products work for me and if you would like to test something make sure, or check if you can get a sample. 

    Love, Pari Damani
  • I quite like Milk Makeup! No worried, it has nothing to do with cow milk or any other animals. Vegan and cruelty free! Just started out of Milk Studios in NYC!

    Love, Pari Damani


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