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On my blog I will share my inspirations for my work, as a make- up artist, through photography, art, words and fashion. What inspires me, the creative process, and to inspire you through the world of beauty.

  • Heard so much good about these two brands, so my turn to try them out! Will get back on this one later! :D

    Love, Pari Damani
  • omg yes, yes, this mascara from Japan really does what it says It's gonna do, MIARAY fiberwig, It's smudge proof, did not make me all black when I cried from cutting an onion, made my lashes so long just glides on, easy to take off even though It's waterproof! It has a reasonable price (if you're not in Sweden, gah!!) Look at the difference from one eye to the other! 

    Love, Pari Damani
  • So sick and tired of all these instagram makeup videos, nobody can wear that outside in daylight and keep it fresh!! WHO does that anyway, (GAH!!!) without a whole possey keeping it up. No real make up artist does whetever they're doing on instagram. I'm so sick of seeing it so I give you a fresh make up I did with Photographer Rickard Aronsson with lovely model Matilda Svensson from Mikas.

    Love, Pari Damani


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