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On my blog I will share my inspirations for my work, as a make- up artist, through photography, art, words and fashion. What inspires me, the creative process, and to inspire you through the world of beauty.

  • A college of my, hairstylist Saina Chune, has collaborated with hair brand Budgie creating curl products for moisture less curls! Just got to try them and waiting for the results on my hair. Very exiting! So far I've just tried the Curl Mask and what I can tell is that they have a scent of moringaoil, jojoba and avocado oil and are 100% vegan and produced in Sweden! There's also a flowery scent from bohemial bloom.

    Love, Pari Damani
  • My favourite serum, especially for dry season, now comes in a eye mask sheet. Moisurizes, great for tired days where light will bounce off the pearlecent finish. Perfect prep for my birthday celebrations tonight! 

    This is a press sample. 

    Love, Pari Damani
  • Testing out some products from ESSE and this is the probiotics series. Don't know so much about the brand yet, I've heard good things about it though. I'll try anything for sensitive skin, so hard to find out what works in this 2020 beauty jungle. All I know is that 100% of the total ingredients are from natural origin and the total of 70% are from organic farming. The eye cream is so nice and cooling! Always a bit scared to try organic stuff as my skin has previously reacted to natural ingredients such as essential oils… but we'll see I guess! The foundation is a bit too dark for me and too yellow, but the consistency feels really good! 

    These are press samples. 

    Love, Pari Damani


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