• Design: Kristina Stark

    Written by Fashion Tales

    During 2018 Kristina Stark celebrates 25 years as a designer and 10 years as her own producer. In January, Kristina launched her new brand Stark, and presented the first collection under the new brand; Cylinder, a series of mouth-blown vases that Kristina produced at Bergdala glass mill in Småland, Sweden.

    The Series Cylinder consists of cylindrical vases of various sizes, all based on the same proportions and expressions. In the bottom of the vases, Kristina Stark has placed elevated three-dimensional rings - a seemingly small detail but adding a big and important function. The rings are meant to create support that causes both solitary twigs and stems as well as entire bouquets to be stable and beautiful in the vases.

    In addition to support, the rings also give a poetic expression to the vases as they create a reflection and are reflected on the water surface in a similar way as when releasing a stone in still water.

    Kristina Stark's new collection is featured during the spring exhibition “Glasklart” at the Malmstensbutiken on Strandvägen in Stockholm. In the shop there are also Kristina's beautiful paintings of the Cylinder vases. In conjunction with this, the vases will start selling in the store.

    The exhibition will take place in the Malmsten store until 8 April 2018.
    Strandvägen 5B, Stockholm

  • Mother Earth

    Written by Fashion Tales

    Wetterling Gallery presents the exhibition Mother Earth. A new solo show by the renowned photography based artist Nathalia Edenmont. Mother Earth includes portraits from the artist’s latest series Fruitfulness. Through her imagery, Edenmont examines the living conditions of the contemporary woman and questions about motherhood, fertility and ageing are recurring themes. With references to historical portrait- and still life paintings, iconography and contemporary art Nathalia Edenmont has created a unique expression.

    In her latest series, the flowers from her earlier work, have been pollinated and developed into fruits or vegetables. Throughout art history the seasons have played a major role in artists’ explorations, as have the subjects of fertility and fecundity. Edenmont addresses both these themes with her unique approach and sensibility. Each of the fruits recalls a stage, a moment when nature yields a crop of tender grapes in the Fall, a bounty of green tomatoes for only two short weeks in Summer, or bright white asparagus in Spring. Without earth and worms, the harvest of fruits and vegetables would be impossible, and thus, the artist gives us a portrait of Mother Earth, a beautiful, regal woman dressed in a mountain of earth, with hair piled high and her gaze fixed on the viewer, a potent planter. To fertilize the earth, Edenmont’s self-portrait, Full of Life, has her dressed in a garment of worms, a stylish assemblage of crawling brown earth worms, while her hair is coiffed in the style of a Renaissance portrait.


    Written by Fashion Tales

    Jonathan Anderson’s first collection with Converse, a three-part collaborative effort, has been a study in contrasts — always toying with the tension between the fringes of youth fashion and the ubiquity of Converse icons. The first, Glitter_Gutter, pushed the egalitarian Chuck 70 into a new provocative space. Following, Anderson’s Simply_Complex employed suede and denim to give simple silhouettes a sophisticated statement.

    If the first two parts of the collection introduce Anderson’s stance on Converse, the third, New_Classics, epitomizes Anderson’s daring curiosity. Here, Anderson again draws inspiration from the vintage ballet slipper (the genesis of the Chuck 70 U-Throat), re-interpreting its elements with a modern juxtaposition of natural materials and a technical build. “The vintage ballerina that inspired the shoe was actually more of a sport slipper in mesh. I liked the functionality and lightness of that shoe, and we decided to adopt some details to reinterpret the icon,” he says.

    The collection launches April 4 on converse.com and j-w-anderson.com, it will also be carried at JW Anderson stores and select retailers globally. The Chuck 70 XX Hi in Turtle Green (shown below) is available exclusively through JW Anderson Workshops and jw-anderson.com.

    In addition to the collection, a limited-edition print publication featuring Larry Clark’s work from all three parts of the Converse x JW Anderson collection will be available at select Converse stores and JW Anderson Workshops.

  • Alphabeta Floor Lamp by Luca Nichetto

    Written by Fashion Tales

    Following the success of the iconic Alphabeta Pendant Lamp, which was first introduced in 2015, Hem tapped renowned designer Venetian designer Luca Nichetto to create a reimagined version of the piece which he has named the Alphabeta Floor Lamp. The Floor Lamp is bi-directional and comes in eight different shapes and four different colorways, offering a staggering 1,024 configuration options.

    The chameleon-like lighting system, which features an accompanying online configurator, is offered in a variety of designs, from flamboyant pink, to sleek black, or softer serene white.

    When designing Alphabeta Lamp, I wanted to create a system, in which you can combine shades to create your very own lamp. I did a lot of research on different kinds of shades and the variety of light effects you can obtain. I wanted to allow the users to create their customized lamps by combining different pieces - like letters in an alphabet, ” says Luca Nichetto.

    Nichetto began his career working for respected brands Salviati and Foscarini before launching his own design firm in 2006. Born from a deep passion for industrial manufacturing and craft, Nichetto’s practice combines Italian and Scandinavian cultures in fields of product, industrial and interior design. This is Nichetto’s third design collaboration with Hem.

  • photography by Ingrid Jacobsen

    'Couture Black' - A Manifesto of Shades and Shapes

    Written by Ksenia Rundin

    Yesterday Sven-Harry’s art museum was housing ten unique couture pieces conceived by ten second-year fashion designer students from Beckmans College of Design under the guidance of their director and prominent Swedish designer Pär Engsheden. 'Black Couture' was expected to be a fashion show but happened to be a peculiar experience. The museum space had all of a sudden turned into a vivid theatre scene, where models, wearing entirely black couture pieces, were literally performing, instead of traditionally walking on a catwalk.

    The audience was generously invited to participate in the performance by experiencing the craftsmanship of couture, while observing the playfulness of homogeneous black textures, silhouettes and forms the performing models were theatrically demonstrating.

    The performance started in the basement and continued on the top floor, taking the audience step by step through different forms and cuts of the couture science. There was a sincere moment of co-creation between the audience and fashion, where the authenticity of couture were dancing tango with the identity of the young designers making the beholders’ imagination frequently search for references. Some associations I had were Les Ballets Suédois and Joséphine Baker, ‘The Matrix’ (1999), ‘Blade Runner’ (1982) with its neo-noir science fiction, Martin Margiela, Renaissance, an element of Orientalism with a rebellious twist and Gothic rock. The performance has definitely become a 'hancrafted' experience manifesting that black has a lot of shades and shapes.

  • Superga and ALEXACHUNG new project

    Written by Fashion Tales

    British fashion designer, model and TV presenter Alexa Chung is announced as the face the SS18 Superga® campaign and designer of an exclusive capsule collection. In 2017 Alexa Chung launched her eponymous label, following several successful collaborations, campaigns and musings for some of the worlds most recognisable brands, including her first campaign with Superga in 2011. At the heart of ALEXACHUNG the vision was: to create clothes that people want to wear, featuring her popular sartorial style choices, combining Parisian chic with a New York edge, all the clothes and accessories of the brand reflect her eclectic personality.

    Alexa Chung’s collaboration with Superga® began in 2011, when she was the brand’s Ambassador; and since Alexa’s love for Superga never died she returned to design her own footwear collection with Superga® for Spring Summer 2018. The campaign was shot in Los Angeles, capturing Superga’s essence and character with Alexa’s acclaimed touch.

    Alongside being the face of Superga®, ALEXACHUNG reflecting her personal style. Alexa hasreinterpreted the classic Superga® silhouette (2750, mid cut and mule) with different textures and colours. She created shoes that people want to wear, combining distinctive fabrics; varnish, satin, cotton and terry towel and feminine tones including off white, burgundy and sky blue. The result is a combination of classy and rock‘n’roll, where ALEXACHUNG signature interacts with timeless Superga® styles.

    “My mother wore Superga’s when I was growing up so for me they’ve always been a classic shoe and something I have incorporated into my daily wardrobe for years now. It has been wonderful to return to this brand as a designer working on a collaboration for this season because in the past Superga were one of the first companies to let me art direct a campaign for them. It feels a lot like coming home.” Alexa Chung