The year is 2018. Focus is on the environment. It’s on everybody’s mind. You want to recycle. You want to drive electric cars. You even want to become a vegetarian. Because of climate change.

The year is 2018. Shopping is no longer what is used to be. Since the environment and climate change is in focus, we are forced to adapt and change our behavior. We no longer need to own. We need to borrow. Borrow from mother nature.

This is how Ai contribute:
At Ai we want to adapt. That’s why, in addition to buying your glasses of the rack, you can rent them. For a small monthly fee, you get three pairs of glasses – sunnies or regular. Every year, you get the opportunity to exchange one pair for a brand new one, of your choosing. The old pair will travel the world to find a new person, who needs them more. Some pairs won’t get to find a new person – maybe they are too worn down, or the strength of the lenses are too special – then, those pairs will be made into a brand-new one. And maybe, if you’re lucky, that particular pair, will end up on your pretty nose one day.

10 frames, 10 different frame colors and 10 lens colors end up in a possibility of 1 000 different styles.

The price ranges between 129-249 SEK/month.

Ai Eyewear can be found on or in their store at Mood in Stockholm