When I think of make-up, I think of materials.
Materials carry colour. They give it its strength and its subtlety. They give it a particular finish.
At Hermès, colours travel. They are reinvented from one material to another: from silk
to leather, enamel or lacquer. And today, to make-up.
When I imagine a shade of lipstick inspired by a colour of leather or silk,
it is a starting point.
The material always takes the colour in another direction.
Colour also interacts with another material: the skin.

At Hermès, we exalt the material, thus exalting the skin.
For Beauty, this comes from the choice of care ingredients and the concentration of pigments. It comes, too,from the actions used to apply it, this sequence of precise gestures, this choreography that is created, repeated, and endlessly einvented.

I like the relationship a woman cultivates with herself when she applies make-up.
Her relationship with time changes instantly,whatever the place or the moment. 

 Likea pause for breath, an instant of self-care, I see this beauty ritual as an essential gesture.
Simple, meticulous, everyday and precious.
A gesture that is naturally in keeping with Hermès’ idea
of beauty and the art of living.”


Jérôme Touron
Creative director
for Hermès Beauty