Let's get fashionable this winter with these statement blue-light eyewear glasses from Swedish brand GLAS.

While the light outside our window is getting darker, the light from our screens still shine as bright. Blue-light is what shines from our TV-, and computer screens. Not to mention, smartphones. It's scientific that the blue-light can erupt both our sleep and create damage to our skin if we don't protect it.

In recent years, there have been an increase of blue-light glasses, and this brand is no difference. But GLAS have since 2018 offered handmade reading glasses and blue-light glasses made of enviromental materials, designed localy in Stockholm.

The new collection from this November,  ''Transparency'' is a limited collection of handmade glasses and consists of transparent frames in six various models, made of environmentally friendly acetate made from cotton waste, wood pulp and recycled plastic. One of our favorite designs' ''Andrea'', is definitly for the fashionista that wants to protect the eyes, but also skin around the eyes. 

Read more about GLAS at GLAS.com.

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