Lets get glazy this September, with some glam and shine on our nails.

The nail style named Glazed Donut, began with Hailey Baldwin Bieber's request for sheer white nails at her pre-Met Gala appointment with Los Angeles-based nail artist Zola Ganzorigt. Walking the carpet, her nails got attention on their own – and went viral.

As the last days of summer, I needed to try the new trend – and it sure was a success. The happiness you get of sheer nails is an understatement. And it’s no surprise this nail trend has gone viral, it’s the perfect combination of elegant yet playful. With a pearly shimmer, you can choose the classic white base or go more natural with a simple pink shimmer.

Here is how you do it, at home!

1. First and foremost, is a good base. To keep it as simple as possible, we will skip the base coat, but of course, you can use a classic base coat to help set the manicure.
However, we will start right with the color. For a Hailey inspired look, we go with the Essie Blanc, a classic all-white nail polish. The first time I tried it, I only went with one layer – however, the optimal is definitely two layers – to get a fuller look. So go with two! For a more transparent look (as picture below), try the gel couture sheer silhouette 

2. After waiting for the blanc color to settle and dry, it's time for the glaze of the donut. The expressive iced out FX. This is what will make your nails shimmer. You only need one layer of the iced out FX, and it dries quite quickly (which is super).

3. To make your nails last longer, and get that extra shine and salon feeling, it’s great to invest in a topcoat. I am using the gel-setter as my final step, and it works great. It’s transparent, and I only use it for that extra protection and shine. I have tried without it, only using the FX which works fine. But I must say that while both works perfectly, the topcoat helps my nail polish last longer and makes my nails much stronger.

Now, go and get yourself a Sunday donut and create some shimmering nails for the week ahead! You will not regret it!

Written by Yasmine Mubarak