The biodegradable collection from Lilli Jahilo includes elements from the street fashion of London in the 90s, rave culture as well as unisex products. Building on the success of the men's workwear capsule, the Biodegradable Collection takes utilitarian fashion to new heights. Every detail is thoughtfully crafted, reflecting a commitment to quality, durability, and environmental consciousness.

The pieces are created from 100% plant-based materials. Products created in this way provide an opportunity for fiber-based recycling or biodegradation at the end of their life cycles. High-quality materials and impeccable tailoring, excellent fit and cuts developed for all body types are the DNA of the brand. With this collection Lilli Jahilo is taking a step further to explore what it means to create garments without non-renewable materials. Only plant-based fabrics and biodegradable elements have been used in the entire collection.

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