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    An Interview With Linn Koch-Emmery

    Written by Decirée Josefsson by Sandra Myhrberg

    Linn-Koch-Emmery was born in Hamburg, Germany, but grew up in Norrköping. Since she initially started releasing music she’s been touring in countries including The United States, England, and Mexico. Her songs glance towards the musical future, rather than the cultural past and are easy to connect with and easy to genuinely love. With her musical language, she wants to explore the modern ways of composing, which she completes by designing a territory of something unique and new. There's a space of recognition and well as free interpretation in her lyrics and together with her ways of shaping melodies, there's no doubt that she’s one of Sweden's fastest-growing talents of her genre. After two critically acclaimed EP:S, she’s currently active with her debut album “Being the girl”.

    How did you source and find inspiration for this upcoming project?

    This album, and my art practice in general, is an organic product of the place I come from. However, I don’t feel nostalgic that the sound, therefore, has to coexist with the traditional retro idea. The Indie genre and its crowd, tend to obtain answers to development by looking backward. Because of that, I’ve been drawn to explore not already used ways to compose by changing the focus towards my journey and the present time. “Being that girl” follows its own rules, is capricious, spiky, and unpredictable, contributing to both the modern and old world of Indie.

    Where does your appreciation for music come from?
    It has always been a passion of mine, ever since my early teenage years, I’ve been interested in Indie music as a concept. Not only were I enthusiastic towards the style, it more or less shaped a piece of my identity. There’s the old cliché about neighbours and a borrowed cup of sugar, in my case the sugar was a guitar. From not being able to strum a single chord, too ambitious late nights rehearsals in the music studio. Shortly after that my sister, a couple of friends, and I founded a band together and we performed and recorded for about five to six years until I properly started my solo career.

    What has it signified for you establishing a successful solo career?
    Somewhere in the back of my mind, I knew that I wanted to make music on my own, but it took some time to figure everything out. When it all came together I remember instantly thinking “Finally it happens.” Being able to do what I want creatively, has been a possible way to rightfully own my historical past and express the contemporary thoughts of the present day.

    How would you describe your music practice today compared to before?
    Those ancient songs were developed with a more concentrated focus on the concept and were more consciously elaborated to deviate from established musical norms, more experimental. Today the spectrum of emotions is wider and I try to think rather freely, generously allowing the composed melodies to gently guide the song wherever it naturally wants to go.

    In what way can your identity be seen in your work?
    My music is very egocentric, and I’m typically a self-absorbed hole when composing. It’s cool that some artists successfully can cover wide and heavy subjects in their music. I’m just not one of them.

    You write from the first-person point of view with self-distance to the underlying subject in reference. Is it by choice?
    The most fundamental issue for me with commercial pop is that I’m not convinced about the essence. Because of that, I consider self-distance in modern music especially required today. When it comes to my music, there's a feeling of comfort being abstract. It feels scary to know that someone might interpret the underlying message, I do feel like I’ve dared to be more intimate in my previous and upcoming songs.

    Could you please describe the story behind your latest single “Hard to Love”?
    This song maintains a unique place in my heart. It’s about a relationship of two others that I ruined. A social trauma built up as a crime drama. The whole situation got dark quickly and I felt extremely accountable. When transcribing it, I got overwhelmed with all the feelings. However as time passed by and the water calmed, I realised that the message might not have been that obvious for others to understand as it was for me.

    What is something you dearly miss and look forward to?
    My upcoming album” Being that girl” is set to release on the 7th of May and I look forward to being back on the road again playing those songs live in front of an audience.

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    Zacharias Zachrisson aka Vacation Forever

    Written by Valeria Bartocci by Sandra Myhrberg

    Zacharias Zachrisson aka Vacation Forever, younger brother of Lykke Li, is following his sister's footsteps towards fame. Beginning his career as a drummer in the Swedish band Tussilago he soon discovered he wanted to move on in his own direction. In creating Vacation Forever he was able to do all the things he’d been longing to do by himself and for himself.
    In July 2018, under the American Producer Jeff Basker’s label “Kravenworks”, he released his self titled solo debut EP.
    Vacation Forever is the hope and the future of Swedish indie music and one of the most exciting acts in the scene right now.

    Where does “Vacation Forever” come from, and what does it mean?
    I decided to go to India for a while after I left Tussilago. I was sitting on a terrace when this guy suddenly walked up to me. He said he’d been checking me out for a few days and thought I seemed like a cool guy. He asked if I wanted to smoke DMT, which is kind of like Ayahuasca. I was a bit startled right there and then and all i could reply was “okeeey, sure”. He told me we would meet up the following day and that he would take me out into the jungle.
    The next day while out in the jungle, smoking DMT, I tripped harder than ever before. I traveled through different galaxies and dimensions. Waking up from this trip I was in shock. It felt like I was stuck in a molecule, floating through the jungle. Like I was one with the jungle. That’s when I came up with the name. It felt like I was on a Vacation Forever.

    During my research I found out you suffer from stage fright. How do you cope with this?
    My stage fright isn’t as bad as it used to be. I always assume I will do terribly when I'm on the stage. To overcome this fear I rehearse a lot to program the set into my muscle memory. This helps very much as I know no matter how nervous I get I will still perform well. I've had panic attacks just seconds before I go on stage, but still made it through the show thanks to all the rehearsing. Now I’m aware I can handle the pressure, no matter how hard or strong the feeling of failure gets beforehand.

    What feeling is the most important for you to convey in your music?
    I don’t know if I can say there’s a specific feeling I wish to convey with my music. But most of it has come from a time and place when I’ve been at my very worst. I feel much better as a person now, older, wiser etc. A lot of my songs are about my journey as a human being and how I’ve wrestled and dealt with my inner demons. And even though I’m in a better place today, there’s still traces that remain.
    In short I guess it’s important for me to convey that you’re not always in a place in life where you want to be and the struggles of how to get to your next point. Also to show my own growth and development which I’ve not always reached in the prettiest of ways.

    How do you see yourself as an Artist? Are you very critical of yourself and your work?
    I have a very complicated relationship with myself as an Artist. Oftentimes I don’t see myself as an Artist even though I know I am one. I love to create and to be in the studio more than anything. But in the end I get very critical and hate almost every song I ever made. If I’m at a party for example and someone puts on a song of mine I leave immediately.
    I love what I do, but sometimes I make music without any desire or intentions of releasing it. I do it because I feel that I have to follow my goals in life, and sometimes just to feel that I am actually doing something.

    Do you think your sister’s fame has anything to do with your level of satisfaction when it comes to your own music?
    Maybe subconsciously. It’s not something I go around thinking about. We do such different things and I don’t want what she has. It’s not where I see myself. She’s a pop star and that works great for her. I can’t compare myself to that as It’s not what I wish for. With that being said, as my whole family are successful musicians I do somehow feel pressured to succeed. It’s not the most important thing for me per se, but of course it’s nice to thrive in what you love and what you do.

    Who is your target audience? Who do you want to reach?
    I'm happy if anyone gets me and my music. It's obviously nice to reach out to as many people as possible. But as I don’t like, or strive to be commercial, that won’t probably happen. I don’t want my music to become this “product” created by twenty different producers only made to sell. That is not how I see myself and my work. But obviously it’s nice to make money from something you are passionate about, like music. I’m content if I get to tour with my music. If I book a gig in Berlin, I’m satisfied.

    What do you do when things get too hectic? Do you have a special “Happy Place”?
    I love to be alone in my bed or to ride around on my skateboard and collect my thoughts. But my absolute favourite place to go to is my childhood home in Portugal where I grew up. It’s located right in the middle of the mountains. With nothing but emptiness around. That’s the place where I can really find peace and time to just breathe.

    What kind of music do you listen to?
    I like music that is not too easy to comprehend. I like music that demands a few listens before you understand it..
    I love noises and when it grinds my ears. When you really have to “listen” to get it, or find the feeling of the song.
    My favourite band is called “Television Personalities”. It’s a British Post-Punk band. It’s from them I take a lot of my inspiration.

    Do you have a favourite item of clothing right now?
    I have a huge love for my Dickie’s trousers. I wear them every day. They’re perfect for skating and they never seem to rip. I also love band-merch and wear it quite often. Dickie’s and merch is my go to you could say.
    I’m very fascinated with hats with fake animal ears on them. I finally found someone that can make one for me, and I’m really excited about that. I can’t wait to get it!

    If you could be anyone else for a day, dead or alive, who would it be?
    As I’m a big fan of history, one person I would love to be for a day is Marie-Antoinette. I would love to experience her life when she was at her height. With all the parties and all the different men she fooled around with. Get to discover her lavish and extreme way of life and the abundance of all of her luxurious things she possessed. It would be so cool to live in that extravagant palace she called a home.

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  • Focus: Hyaluronic Acid

    Written by Yasmine by Elva Ahlbin

    In the Odalisque digital series ‘’Focus’’’, we will highlight some of the ingredients that we love and appreciate.

    First out is hyaluronic acid (HA), which helps hydrate our skin and protect the skin barrier. An acid we have naturally in our body. For those of you that have oily and combination skin - don’t stop reading! HA works for you too. An interesting fact is that talking about dry skin and dehydrated skin are two different things. For example, you can have an oily skin type but have dehydrated skin - that’s one of the reasons why hyaluronic acid can be used by all skin types.

    What is hyaluronic acid?
    Hyaluronic acid (HA) is a natural polymer molecule, more recognizable by the name sugar molecule. Hyaluronic acid occurs naturally in our bodies, mainly in our skin formed by our skin cells.

    What does hyaluronic acid do for the skin?
    The effect of hyaluronic acid is because it’s water-binding. Hyaluronic acid is like a magnet attracting water to the skin, it can bind between 1,000 and 10,000 times its weight in water. Since it’s a humectant, it can pull moisture from the atmosphere rather than layering it on top of the skin and provides intense hydration without a heavy feel. A great thing to know is that HA is not exfoliating, so for sensitive skin it’s a good ingredient which you can use day and night. A recommendation for oily skin is to not use HA during the day since the HA can make the skin feel more oily. But it works perfectly during the night, for more hydration.

    However, some research (see reference below) has shown that an overuse of hyaluronic acid can result in redness and inflammation. It can even have the opposite effect,  by drawing water from your skin instead of the atmosphere and product - making your skin dry. With this said, it’s important to always apply HA on damped skin. In a writing from Eucerin they state that, all skin types benefit from skincare products that contain an effective Hyaluronic Acid formula, but they are especially effective on skin that is naturally dry and from the mid-20s when the skin starts to show the first signs of aging.

    So why do we need hydration for our skin? It’s simply to give our skin nourishment, smooth and limit dryness that can become irritated and limit the protection of our skin barrier.

    What are the different types of Hyaluronic Acid?
    Hyaluronic acid has different molecular weights (also known as sizes) that pass through the skin in different layers - and therefore have different effects. There are high, middle, and low molecular weights. The high molecular weight of 1000-1400 kDa, is actually unable to pass through the skin, while a low molecular weight HA of 20-300 kDa can pass the outermost layer of the skin. This means that it becomes almost impossible for HA to pass into the deeper layers of the dermis. However, the low molecules are up to 40 times smaller than the others and for this reason, can penetrate further into the epidermal layers of the skin’s own production of Hyaluronic acid. While the high molecular remains on the skin's surface and works to improve hydration in the outermost layer of the skin. Medium molecular works almost similar to the high molecular.

    What else can I do to keep my skin hydrated?
    To keep our skin hydrated, choosing to live a healthy lifestyle can be key. For example, sweating through exercise, using steam or being in a sauna. Not to mention, eating a balanced diet, limited alcohol consumption, giving up smoking, and getting your hours of sleep. Furthermore, sunscreens containing HA  may contribute to protecting it against the harmful effects of ultraviolet irradiation, due to the possible free radical scavenging properties of HA. French brand La Roche-Posay for example has a HA serum with SPF 30 called Hyalu B5 UV Serum SPF 30 serum.

    To get more expertise on additional ways to keep your skin hydrated, we asked dermatologist Sofia Ericson at Eriksbergskliniken in Stockholm, Sweden. We asked what hyaluronic acid can additionally be used for professionally: ‘’To give your skin the extra hydration boost it needs, it is beneficial to do professional facials or chemical peels at a salon or clinic. Ericson tells us that for example ‘’Microneedling is a great way to intensify the uptake of nutrition and hydration in the skin. The needles help the topical HA-serum to penetrate deeper into the skin as you cause microchannels. This also has a great anti-aging effect. A really good combination is micro-needling and skin booster, which is a HA injection. This gives you really deep hydration through all skin layers.’’

    To help you include hyaluronic acid in your skincare regime. We have gathered products rich in the ingredient we love:

    Dr. Dennis Gross Modeling Mask
    This modeling mask is a true hydration boost. It has mainly been used by professionals as a treatment throughout the years, but has become available to take home as a premium product. Dr. Dennis Gross, is a dermatology-approved brand and has a profound range of HA products in high quality. Another boost is the ‘’Hydration boost serum’’ packed with HA, a high-concentrated serum in a water consistency that you can blend with your serum, eye cream, or apply directly to your damped face. It’s definitely a new favorite.

    Cosrx Hyaluronic Acid Hydra Power Essence
    Cosrx is one of the biggest Korean beauty brands, and their Hyaluronic Acid essence is a great extra step in your routine.  It gives a simple plump effect and of course hydrates lightly. Essence is an extra and prior step to serum in the classic 10-step beauty routine. So you can easily apply this essence which is lighter th-0-an your average serum.

    Peter Thomas Roth Water Drench Cloud Serum
    Peter Thomas Roth has an immense range of Hyaluronic acid called ‘’Water Drench’’, and the star of the line is the 75% HA serum, a gentle serum that hydrates your skin right away. Talking about Peter Thomas Roth, I need to shine a light on the ‘Water Drench’’ Cloud Cleanser, which is a gentle perfume free cleanser with HA and Cloud Cream Moisturizer - that gently moisturizes your skin up to 72 hours. Not to mention, it has an incredible light gel formula that makes it easy to apply, so you don’t stretch your skin while applying your cream, it just smooths over. Not to mention the cream has three molecular sizes of Hyaluronic Acid.

    Eucerin Hyaluron Moisture Booster
    A great pharmacy alternative is the Moisture Booster that gives your skin an immediate moisture boost. The light gel formula refreshes your skin routine and gives you immediate hydration. The booster has only 11 ingredients and goes straight into your skin - leaving your skin soft and smooth. Eucerin, generally, is a good option for those with very sensitive skin.

    Youth To The People Superfood Air-Whip Moisturizer with Hyaluronic Acid
    This air-whip moisturizer is high in hyaluronic acid and formulated with a superfood blend of kale, spinach, and green tea to replenish and strengthen the skin barrier. It works for both dry, combination, and oily skin and gives you a nice natural hydration boost at the end of your skincare routine. Not to mention, it’s sustainably produced. Regarding moisturizers overall, it’s always important to use a moisturizer as the last step of your skincare routine - to help lock in the hydration in your skin.

    Continu Hyaluronic Acid Recovery Masque
    It didn’t come to my notice that HA could be good for your hair, but I guess it can. This recovery masque is packed with apple oil, flax seed extract, and coconut oil to give your hair that extra shine - and of course HA. It's produced to continuously release hydration to your hair during the day without making it heavy. Apply it in wet hair for around 5 minutes and rinse. The masque is also 100% vegan and produced in Sweden.

    If you want to read more of the science research regarding HA, read them below

    Efficacy of a New Topical Nano-hyaluronic Acid in Humans S. Manjula Jegasothy, MD,a Valentina Zabolotniaia, MD,b and Stephan Bielfeldt

    Utveckling av mineralpuder med hyaluronsyra Med undersökning av pudrets effekt på fukthalt och elasticitet i huden av Nadia Kragenskjöld

    Hyaluronic Acid in the Third Millennium Arianna Fallacara, Erika Baldini, Stefano Manfredini,* and Silvia Vertuani

    Selected brand information on Hyaluronic Acid-


    Peter Thomas Roth 

    Youth to the People