• CK One Future Alex

    Written by Fashion Tales

    photography by MIRANDA BARNES

    Can you tell us about your experience being homeschooled? Any favorite moments?
    Homeschooling was mostly a way for me to make time for the other things that I cared about more than reading or math. However, I got to create my own schedule, more or less, and for my extracurricular activities, I was in control. I got to walk around The Met every week for “art class” and take yoga at a studio for gym class. The time when I didn’t have to sit in front of my laptop was always more educational than the moments when I had to. 

    When did you realize that you wanted to work in fashion?
    The first job I ever wanted to do was to be a fashion designer because I thought that’s what every person in fashion did. I didn’t know you could be a stylist and just collage other people’s clothes together! I explored other things outside of fashion throughout my childhood too but when I was 15 and started assisting stylists, those experiences made me excited and interested in fashion again. 

    What is the biggest difference between living in London and New York?
    London, for me, is a lot more relaxed and sweeter. I’m able to focus on school a lot easier there, and I mostly hang out at my friend’s houses or my house and have dinners at home. In New York, I tend to be out of the house for most of the day hanging out or walking around and getting errands done. It’s less work and more play in New York. 

    Who would be your dream political leader?
    Marianne Williamson! Just kidding. I don’t know. I don’t have a lot of belief in one perfect person to lead everyone. So few people who get to that position are completely truthful and aiming to do their job solely for the people they lead.

    Why is it important for people to engage in social conversations and politics? Do you see social media playing a role in that?
    The thing many politicians would love most is if we didn’t talk about the government, or how it affects us, or what politicians are up to. That way, they could prioritize the things they wanted for their own personal benefit, and we wouldn’t have any idea. So, it’s important to keep the government in check and remind them that they work for us by being critical and holding up a magnifying glass to what goes on. Social media can be an efficient way to spread this information. 

    What would you like to see change for the LGBTQIA+ community in New York City?
    I can only speak for my experience, and that I’ve had a pretty good experience growing up gay in New York. I think it’s important to support your local gay bar or club because having spaces solely for the LGBTQIA+ community is so needed.
    What do you do to stay in the present moment and not to worry about the future?
    Not much hahaha, I spend a lot of time worrying about the future! But spending time with my friends is always very grounding and reminds me that what’s in front of me is more important than what could happen in the future. 
    Tell us about your experience being a part of Calvin Klein’s one future #ckone campaign?

    Being a part of the one future #ckone campaign was great! I love the message and having a chance to share my voice and thoughts on a larger platform. I had a wonderful day shooting with Miranda Barnes who is a great photographer and got to spend some of it with my best friend and brother as well, which was fun. 

  • A Day at the Museum

    Written by Yasmine by Fredrik Hultén

    This year has created the demand for imagination and occasionally digital rethinking from galleries and museums around the world. Specially, on how to continue the awareness and showcase their collections and exhibitions. During the year we have witnessed museums and galleries create live presentations on their social media accounts and websites. In addition, with new virtual technology bring the museum online, as a way to stay in touch with their visitors. This has created the chance for the viewer to travel to the grandiose rooms of art collections without leaving the house.

    As a hope to bring art pieces closer, and the global exploration infinite, we will write about how you can dream away to cities such as Paris, New York, Seoul, Manila and many more, in just a second. Pour yourself some fresh lemonade or French hot chocolate for that matter, put on your holiday hat and join us to some of the glorious museums around the world, but also learn how the art scene might have changed for the future.

    Travel with art
    During the research to find their digital workshops, online exhibitions and live tours around the world, I learned that many of the museums were connected to the Google Arts & Culture, a combined art collection that includes over 2000 culture institutions in 80 countries. The Art & Culture includes older museums such as the British Museum in London, the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam and Hong Kong Heritage Museum as well as new and smaller galleries and collections. Not to mention, since the Odalisque Magazine HQ is in Stockholm, the Museum of Mediterranean and Near Eastern Antiquities have updated over 300 of their art collectors in detail online. Finding this enormous archive, with heavy resources one could travel to different parts of the world in a second, learning about sculptures, painters and historical archaeology findings from all over the world. You can even take a selfie and turn into a painting. The platform gave at least myself the opportunity to find new galleries and art collections I haven’t known before.

    This year has certainly created an unexpected high demand from visitors but also a competitive side between the different museums and galleries to come up with new ideas on how to be close to both the longstanding and future visitors. As said previously, we have gathered a small selection of museums around the world, that you can visit from your home, through the Arts & Culture as well as individual initiatives. The links to the respective museum can be found at the end of the article.

    The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York
    At the Solomon R. Guggenheim museum’s website, you can see art pieces from the Impressionist, Post-Impressionist, Modern and Contemporary eras. The museum also offers At-Home Art classes for kids every week. In addition to Virtual Guided Tours. Not to mention the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao have had live presentations on their Instagram IGTV, where some of the videos are still there. Where you can see some of the art collections presented.

    National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Seoul
    One of Korea’s popular museums can be accessed from anywhere around the world through the Art & Culture platform and virtual tour. It takes you through six floors of Contemporary art from Korea, as well as on their website you can see guided tours through some of the exhibitions, as well as lectures in subjects such as video, performance and art.

    The British Museum
    The British Museum has one of the largest and most comprehensive collections of human history and arts. You can now browse through some of its 8 million objects in their virtual exhibit. The online museum includes for example the famed Rosetta Stone, from Egypt, which you can view in amazing detail. The virtual exhibit features a timeline on all the pieces through Ancient Greece, the dynasties of Egypt, The African Galleries and much more.

    Pergamon Museum, Berlin
    One of Germany’s largest museums, Pergamon is home to ancient artefacts including the Ishtar Gate of Babylon and, of course, the Pergamon Altar. On their individual website the first thing you witness is the website for their online exhibitions and virtual tours - all redirected and in their collaboration with Art & Culture. On their virtual tours you can learn more about what actually happened at Pergamon and how the art piece ended up in Berlin. In addition, you can walk through a 360 degree view of the over 2,000 year old Pergamon Altar - which is absolutely amazing.

    National Museum of Fine Arts, Manilla
    The National Museum of Fine Arts in Manilla, also known as the National Art Gallery, houses several art pieces from as early as the 17th century in the Philippines. In celebration of its 119th Foundation Day, the National Museum recently launched Sulyap Museo, a 360-degree virtual tour where visitors can virtually walk through its galleries.

    Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam
    Anyone who is a fan of this painter can explore his legacy by virtually visiting this museum – the largest collection of artworks by Vincent van Gogh, including over 200 paintings, 500 drawings, and over 750 personal letters. You can also learn and explore the artworks and dive into the stories about Vincent van Gogh, the museum also has a children’s section where you can print out artwork and have the kids (our yourself for that matter) paint some of Van Gogh’s art pieces.

    The Louvre, Paris
    The museum of Louvre can have you lost in the different art collections for hours, even days. So, I can only imagine how much art there is to see online.  For example, there are online tours of the Petite Galerie, Galerie d'Apollon and not to mention they have a Virtual Reality Experience of Leondardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa. Furthermore, created a library of videos on their YouTube page where you can join tours.

    African Artists' Foundation, Lagos
    Established in 2007 in Lagos, Nigeria, African Artists’ Foundation aims to encourage the highest standard of art in Africa. The foundation creates art exhibitions, festivals, workshops with the aim of unearthing and developing talent, and providing a platform to express creativity. Through their website you can walk the corridors of the gallery and view the LagosPhoto Festival and the National Art National Art Competition. LagosPhoto is the first international arts festival of photography in Nigeria. You can view the entire exhibition online, and it’s truly enchanting. In addition they have an online exhibition on female representation in contemporary art.

    Many more to explore…
    There are numerous more museums and galleries around the world that have created outstanding virtual experiences for visitors. For us to observe and learn more about the history of art and civilisations around the world. During the wintertime, take a moment to explore these historical pieces, it will certainly enrich your day. In addition, possibly give you a further understanding of how we all have rich history and many stories to tell that shaped the different countries today. It’s important to learn each other's history to understand the current world. These museum experiences are important so that everyone has the chance to visit and learn about these treasures that otherwise we would have to travel to, to view.

    Since the museums have actively made the swift to engage digital mediums to their art collections long before this spring, with virtual guides by scanning the chosen art piece. Have podcasts or art profiles talk about the selected art piece. Perhaps will we see an increase of this with digitalization growing more and more. However, I believe, if I would hope, virtual tours, digital collections I can see through my computer - nothing will ever beat standing in a grandiose architecture room, 2 meters in front of a renaissance painting. Feel the history and breath of the room, and be a part of a moment of history.

    Links to all the virtual experiences:

    African Artists' Foundation

    The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum

    The Museum of Modern Art

    The British Museum

    Pergamon Museum

    Van Gogh Museum

    The Louvre

    National Museum of Fine Arts

    National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art


  • CK One Future Destiny

    Written by Fashion Tales

    photography by MIRANDA BARNES

    Can you tell us about your experience meeting photographer, Miranda Barnes? What does mentorship look like to you and why is it so important?

    If I had to sum the experience in one word, I would say it was destined. As she entered the room, I noticed a glow that came off her so effortlessly. She introduced herself to me and my classmates. We agreed she was so young and beautiful. We grew an interest in her almost as fast as she grew one in us. She’s a dear friend to me and also perfect listener and advisor. Having people in my life that I can go turn to for help who actually fight to make a change for me is so serious. Miranda is one of the people that took the time to do so. Having a mentor is so vital in young adults’ life because everyone needs someone to look up to. Mentors are people close to you who you trust to help put you on the right path in life. It’s okay to need help or direction when dealing with life situations. We shouldn’t have to go through things alone. I hope that I can use my voice and platform to let people like me know they’re not alone.

    What’s your biggest piece of advice for young people that want to stand up for themselves?

    To young kids wanting to stand up for themselves, my message is – You are strong. Continue to be strong by using your voice to speak up against things that are unjust to you. Never back down or allow others to treat you poorly. You are worth greatness and good things will always come to those who are great. 

    How is it to grow up with 10 siblings?
    Coming from a big family, I don’t recall it was as bad as it sounds. You imagine it would be chaos, but in all reality, there was one person that calmed it all, Mom. She raised us all to be close to one another, to have each other’s backs no matter what. I miss when we would all gather to eat as a family. It was the part of the day that I actually looked forward to. As we grew up, we all separated but the love is still there. I hope to start my own family eventually and raise my children to be as close as I am with my siblings. 

    What do you and your friends do in your spare time?

    Whenever I’m with friends, there isn’t a minute that goes by when we aren’t being creative, whether we’re having discussions, making music, brainstorming new ways to generate wealth, working on hobbies, or cracking jokes. We might even help an old lady out with directions or carrying groceries. 

    How do you envision your life in 10 years?

    In ten years, I hope to have traveled all over the world and to have modeled for Vogue and other fashion magazines. I also want to give back to children that are less fortunate. Maybe I’ll go to India to start there. Once I’ve spent a little bit of time traveling for this cause, I hope to settle in another country. Somewhere warm.

    What do you do to stay in the present moment and not to worry about the future?

    Since no one knows what will happen in the future, I try not to stress myself out thinking of possibilities. I work hard and as a result, I get recognition that results in reward, in whatever figurative or literal form that comes in. I keep an open mind preparing for whatever comes my way. I think about every day possibly being my last, which causes me to be a better me than I was yesterday. 

    Tell us about your experience being a part of Calvin Klein’s one future #ckone campaign

    Calvin Klein’s one future #ckone campaign is one that I have grown a strong love for. I never would have thought in my lifetime that I’d be given such a big platform and opportunity to create change. I knew that I wanted to relate a message that targeted the youth. When I was younger, I wish I knew that I wasn’t in it alone sooner. Everyone goes through things but because no one speaks about the hardships they face, others may think that it’s only them who experience challenges. Calvin Klein’s one future #ckone campaign allowed me to use my voice to speak up and let others know that while we are not perfect, we have to be willing to do better.