• This morning started out with a quick stop by The PR Agency. I got some perfume samples from Agonist while waiting for their new scent Isis to arrive. My favorite so far, Onyx Pearl is discrete with hints of oriental flowers, white musk and wood.
    I also got the opportunity to borrow a vest and a jacket from Deadwood Leather for a small shoot. The jacket just got in last week and was a black leather bomber that looked awesome.
    Afterwards Anna and I met up with Sandra and Meghan + her new baby Frida at the park. She was a cutie, a lot of newborns look like old men/aliens but this princess didn’t!

    Love, Michaela Widergren
  • Today you can read my interview with Norwegian jewelry designer Linn Lømo. She makes beautifully shaped pieces with Lola Rykiel as her main muse. Sister Sandra shot the images and I did styling+make up+hair.
    It’s relaxing to work only the two of us together and the result always comes out beautiful. It can sometimes be a bit overwhelming to work with a big team. You know everybody has ideas, which can be great and most of the time is… But sometimes you just wanna do your own thing and see where it goes.
    This is my favorite image from the shoot.

    Tags: LØMO.
    Love, Michaela Widergren
  • When I got back to Stockholm yesterday I had two giant packages waiting for me, one from American Tory Burch and one from my favorite Swedish shoe brand Nooid :) These are the most handsome shoes I’ve ever worn.

    Tags: Nooid, Tory Burch.
    Love, Michaela Widergren



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