• Everyone! Found this amazing designer, Melitta Beumeister. I love that all the clothes is white but different materials. I think the clothes gets more alive if they have the same color but mixed with different materials. 
    This collection is from LFW Melitta Beumeister s/s 2015. 

    C'est l'avenir (This is future)


    Love, Mia Ekström
  • Hey! I hope everyone have a great evening, hanging at some parties or just seeing some great, romantic, sad movies like I do. Have seen three movies and it is very touching…. tears, tears and tears. Haha! But then I neeeded a break, so I find one designer that I have not seen before, Lucas Naschimento. From LFW spring/summer 2015.

    Tags: LFW, SS15, Fashion, future.
    Love, Mia Ekström
  • Because my hair is like down to my collarbones and have a pretty irregular length and I keeping asking my self if a bang would fit me… I think i want it, just for something fresh and new but I am going to think a lot before i really do it.. if I do.

    You know something that is simple, a short bang with long hair on both sides.. mmh lovely.

    Pictures from tumblr and the last one from Filippa K ss/13


    Love, Mia Ekström


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