• This was part one of my year. Stay tuned for part two. 

    Love, Greta Dillén
  • As a follow up to my previous post, yes I went over to the babe in the first picture, Amanda, and hung out with her and got a looooovely black silk robe. Than I had to run home to prepare some food. I contributed with a salad made of spinach, with freshly squeezed ginger, sesam oli, salt, and blood oranges, and roasted almonds, YUM. I did also make one “ham” of turnip-root-celery with wine, olivoil and a crust out of herbs and almonds. After our lunch, I took a walk and than it was time to open the christmas gifts, and I got the beeest gifts, but what might was the beeest thing, is what my brother wrote meeeee. READ IT. SOOOO GREAT. And I got a tisha from Adidas from him. LOVE IT! HE'S THE BEST. Every year our grandpa makes rice pudding, ( Santa porridge) and we made me an extra version with almond milk, and ofc I had to top it of with hella much toppings. XOXO

    Love, Greta Dillén
  • Gooooooood morning and meeerry christmas my lovies. This morning when I woke up, me and my brother went to the christmas stocking, as usal. Yep, 18 and 22 years old, but on christmas I'm still five haha. I got a new charger and a massage. What a dream! Now I'm drinking coffee, almond/oat cappuccino to be exact and I'm about get dressed and to meet up with one of my best friends Amanda, my neighboor as I've known for my whole life, or more like her whole life. She is 2 years younger. A great tradition is never getting old. So I think you have heard a lot about Amanda, but whatd fun is that I've two best friends named Amanda, both are two years younger, but this gal I'm meeting today is the one with straight hair. That's pretty much the difference haha. No, but thay are both amazing. So I've also been watching the christmas calander, and am I the ONLY one crying? I'm such a baby. 

    LOVES, keep in tuch. Will update you time after time with my xmas. 

    Love, Greta Dillén


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