• Today I woke up at 5.50, and I felt totally rested so I went out in the snow for a morning walk, which was amazing. So quiet and beautiful with the glittering snow. I didn't use any earphones either, so I walked in the total quietness, and when I went home I drank tea, had breakfast and watched the christmas calandear. Nope, I havn't missed one single episode. I wrote here this friday, when I had a matcha at espresso house. After that I went straight to my grand parents with my mom, and we had an early dinner. Love them so much. After the dinner me and my mom went home before I went to a party at Anisas place, and thank god that it's just a ten minuit walk to get there, and especally to get home later in the night. - The following Saturday I was sheaduled to work at 8, and since pretty much everyone at my work went to Anisa, it was as close as in can get to impossible to change the shift. The evening was so much fun and I gpt four hours of sleep before my job, ended early and was tired, went home and watched 13 going on 30 aka the best movie in the world. I was also working yesterday and that's pretty much what I've been up to. Did you guys have a nice weekend? 

    Love, Greta Dillén

    Heey LOVES! Today I woke up and felt like I broke my neck, but I'm having torticollis. What did I do to deserve this attack from nowhere? I've recently been to a yoga class, my favourice with Amanda, and even thouge I felt totally handicaped, I'm happy I went. Rest is not helping the neck however. Now I'm drinking matcha at espresso house. 

    It's the time of the year when everyone gets sick, and I was there last week. I literally hate it, it makes me so depressed. If there is one thing I've learned the past year, it's to take care of your gut. As much as I love coffee, I have learned to love lemon, greens and golden stuff as well. I love to feel healthy and when I know something is good for me, I love it. Exept kelp, thats the most aweful taste I've ever had. 

    I think that one of the main things to stay healthy is to have a good balance in the body, which both comes from happiness, sleep, environment and food. Here I will focus on foods. (We humans can reach a better balance with food having a higher PH, as well as minerals such as calcium, magnesium and zinc. Minerals are good for restoring an acidic (when the PH is under 7) body. Syria-producing foods start acidification of the body, and then the formation of free radicals increases which can cause a number of serious diseases, decomposition and aging of our bodies.→ Source ←)

    So here we got three tips to stay away from those awful sick days. (use 25SE for 25% discount on the links :D)

    •  Green smoothies and juices with super foods, in this case chlorella. On the picture you can see all the amazing ingredients. Its as much as lemon as apple juice, and than you also add som water and the other ingredients, max, and filter it to juice. If you're in need of some super powders, look here! 
    • To drink water is amazing, and something else which is being filled with water is cucumber, and it's also having a good PH
    • Use some good milk, I'm using almond and oat in a mix, and make a golden latte with the main ingredient TURMERIC, black pepper, coconut oil, cinnamon, cardamom, vanilla, maca to balance your hormones, and for the taste, GO HARD OR GO HOME!

    Of course there is like 1000 other things you can do, but these are in my opinion three enjoyable tips, and you gotta start with a small portion to make it happen. Who's with me on challange: NOT GET SICK! It's damn christmas time! 


    Love, Greta Dillén
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    Next blog post : How to avoid getting sick ;) 

    Love, Greta Dillén


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