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  • You all know my love for peanut butter, but lets just be true to our selfs - who doesn't love peanut butter? Me, my brother and my dad is consuming literally ond kilo in less than a week. Aint got no problems with that, but I've for a time been wanting to try peanut butter powder, without finding any sugar free option, and I don't even want the taste of sugar in peanut butter. It's just now how I want my peanut butter to taste. What makes this even more exiting is that I've been looking for more vegan protein options and found that this peanut powder contain 50 g / 100 g of protein. HOW crazy? so this morning when I came home from the coffee with my dad I made breakfast, which today came to be oats with chia seeds and blueberries, topped with raspberries, oat gurt, pumpkin seeds, and “peanut butter”. 

    At first I tried to blend the peanut powder with water, cause it's said you can do so, on the website, but it was absolutely disgusting, and I felt a little bit disappointed. SO I tried to blend another scoop with oat gurt and a pinch of salt and felt totally surprised over how good it was. And as I said above, it's nutrition wise more like a protein pudding, but taste pretty much like som lighter version of peanut butter. Totally worth a try, and to take a look and make your order, press HERE

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    Love, Greta Dillén
  • List inspired by Fannys

    Todays feeling?

    Like totally awesome. I just had a coffee with my dad in a mall close to us, and I'm still here drinking my coffee. 

    What are you wearing?

    I were actually supposed to give my family ride to the train, so I sat in my PJs after been just chillin' in the sofa while watching the christmas calendar, but my dad got the the idé of having a coffee at the mall first so I swaped over to a black hoodie and black pants in 1 minut to even be able to come here. So all black it is. Wearing my comfy pink samsoe samsoe scarf as well thouge. 

    Plans for today?

    Start of my day here at this café, make this blog post, read and answer my emails, pay my last bill for my upcoming education on distance, will study to become a health coach, maybe buy a few presents, go home and have breakfast later on, and work out this evening. And what's in between is for the time to tell. 

    What are you looking forward to?

    I'm the biggest christmas freak ever so I'm so exited for it, at the same time as I just want the time to slow down. December in my fav month I think. I'm looking forward for the snow to come and stay, to play Mario Cart on video games, and to just hang with my friends and people I love. I'm also looking forward to go to Munich in a cupple of month. But most of all, I'm looking forward to what's unknown, what will come with happiness and good things. 

    What's the highlights of the week? 

    One big high light was yesterday when I started of the morning with Frida at Pom & Flora, where the picture is from. We just sat there and had a good time. I love Frida, she is so amazing. 

    The best thing you've eaten this week?

    Okey, we have a few contributors, but I think corncake with butter is one of my atm fav! Taste like the butterest popcorns ever. 

    What did you do for one year ago?

    And it's now you realise time flies. Worked at Hollister, but twise as much aw now, and were just signing the papers for my internship at Rodebjer. I was with another agency and I'm really happy that my booker from Oh my - Stasia, now is involved in Slash Ten models. That's also when you realise that everything is just perfect. 

    Love, Greta Dillén
  • Today I woke up at 5.50, and I felt totally rested so I went out in the snow for a morning walk, which was amazing. So quiet and beautiful with the glittering snow. I didn't use any earphones either, so I walked in the total quietness, and when I went home I drank tea, had breakfast and watched the christmas calandear. Nope, I havn't missed one single episode. I wrote here this friday, when I had a matcha at espresso house. After that I went straight to my grand parents with my mom, and we had an early dinner. Love them so much. After the dinner me and my mom went home before I went to a party at Anisas place, and thank god that it's just a ten minuit walk to get there, and especally to get home later in the night. - The following Saturday I was sheaduled to work at 8, and since pretty much everyone at my work went to Anisa, it was as close as in can get to impossible to change the shift. The evening was so much fun and I gpt four hours of sleep before my job, ended early and was tired, went home and watched 13 going on 30 aka the best movie in the world. I was also working yesterday and that's pretty much what I've been up to. Did you guys have a nice weekend? 

    Love, Greta Dillén


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