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    Cartier Launches an Updated Version of the Iconic Tank Francaise

    Written by Ulrika Lindqvist

    Cartier has announced the relaunch of the iconic Tank Francaise watch, paying homage to French elegance and the classic Tank model. The Tank watch has a heritage dating back to 1917, while the Tank Francaise was first launched in 1996 and has since become one of the brand's most beloved watches.

    The new version has been updated both aesthetically and ergonomically, creating a sophisticated balance between femininity and masculinity. The watch is available in three different sizes, made of steel, gold and with diamonds. The campaign, photographed in the heart of Paris, was created in collaboration with Guy Ritchie and features two iconic ambassadors, Rami Malek and Catherine Deneuve. 


    At the beginning of the 20th century, Louis Cartier sought a purity of shape, fitting the round hours into the line of the bracelet. Following the Santos watch, the first specifically designed to be worn on the wrist, the Tank watch took a new step in 1917: following the same straight line, the case, lugs and bracelet became one.

    Very quickly, the Maison began to offer different versions of the watch. In 1922, its case was stretched, brancards refined and edges softened: the Tank L.C. watch for Louis Cartier had arrived.

    In 1977, midway through the Must de Cartier period, a collection of vermeil watches following the form of the Louis Cartier Tank watch was launched. Its plain coloured dial with no numbers echoes the materials used in jewellery: onyx, coral, ivory, lapis lazuli, tortoiseshell and garnet.

    The lines of the Tank watch will always evolve. In 1988, with the Tank Américaine, the compact rectangle of the curved case and the larger dial were in tune with the energy of the era.

    The Tank Française debuted a metal bracelet in perfect harmony with the case. Its name refers to a very French state of mind, between classicism and a freedom of style.


    1.  More rounded brancards.
    2. The crown is inlaid to match the profile of the brancards.
    3. Mainly satin finishes.
    4. The sunray watch dial with Roman numerals is highlighted by the shine of its relief.
    5. The bracelet forms a compact, perfectly flexible chain, a dense mesh of links that remain and move as one.
    6.  The new large model is equipped with an automatic mechanical movement.

  • COS and YEBOAH announce limited-edition collection Metamorphosis

    Written by Qim Claesson by Qim Claesson

    COS and emerging designer Reece Yeboah join forces to launch his namesake brand YEBOAH with an exciting new collaboration, Metamorphosis. The collection developed with COS represents Yeboah's evolution, merging each brand’s unique creative language and returns to designs hatched from formative experiences in founder Reece Yeboah’s life. Combining street-luxe wear with contemporary tailoring, a bespoke approach to design results in a unique collection that combines function with style.

    Sent to Ghana at the age of eleven, Yeboah hit a turning point. A transitional phase redirected his path, and he returned to London, gaining wisdom, values, and the drive to make his mark on the world. Much like a butterfly that starts life as a caterpillar, Yeboah recognized the beauty in his journey and, through pain, found purpose. Now he hopes to inspire others to find strength, showing the next generation that it is possible to overcome obstacles and hardship.

    The design process sought to reflect Reece’s journey and the complexities of life, incorporating multiple layers of discovery. The result is a collection that straddles his past and future, speaking to individuals and communities alike. Comprising over forty menswear-inspired pieces alongside unisex accessories, the collection uses a butterfly effect to experiment with small details that significantly impact the final design. A reversible body warmer offers versatility: cushioned puffer jackets with specially designed hardware cocoon the body, while an abstract butterfly-printed suit provides modern tailoring for special occasions. The collection unapologetically steers away from seasonal trends, focusing on individual expression and authenticity.

    The Capsule Collection is available globally on cos.com and in selected stores for a limited time only.

  • Calvin Klein Introduce New Collection 'Calvin Klein 1996'

    Written by Yasmine

    Calvin Klein is back this spring with not only a colorful photo campaign but a new underwear collection.
    The name ‘’Calvin Klein 1996’’, features bold patterns and prints inspired by 90s design. Crossing underwear and loungewear to amplify the brands classic silhouettes.

    The color palette is also unique, with neon colors, high-contrast graphics and warped logo prints to channel that youthful and energetic feeling. The new Calvin Klein 1996 includes both women’s and men’s styles, all in cotton. The women’s styles are with refreshed silhouettes and stretch fabric to bring comfort. With a new unlined bralette that features scoop neck and open back for minimal styling – of course with matching bikini underwear. The bralette also comes in a new blurred leopard and blurred tiger prints in red – because why not?  New is also the double-layer lace with a monogram in bright red, black and white for thath classic Calvin Klein look. Made with 52% recycled nylon.

    For the lounge section, the women can now enjoy a crew neck sweatshirt, designed with a blend of materials, as well as a short sleeve crew neck tee and sleep shorts both made from 100% organic cotton. The sweatshirt and tee feature a boxed monogram logo with drop shoulders for relaxed comfort, and the sleep shorts feature a monogram patch and classic logo waistband.

    For the men’s is all about hip briefs, low-rise, trunks and boxer briefs – every model you can wish for. Designed with a silky microfiber stretch blend made with 88% recycled polyester. Also the men’s style can be find in matching red tiger stripes and leopard prints. Not to mention trunks in a bright green blurred leopard and amplified blue; boxer briefs come in a temperature print featuring pink, orange and teal hues, as well as a new wavy logo print in neon teal.

    Find the styles at calvinklein.com and see the inspiring campaign shots here.

  • Soho House Stockholm

    Written by Fashion Tales

    Located in Majorsgatan, close to Nybrogatan, which is home to Stockholm’s restaurants, cafes and shops, Soho House Stockholm is the second House to open in Scandinavia.

    In a city well known for its culture and creativity, the latest Soho House is situated in Östermalm within an old Methodist church. Original high vaulted ceilings date back to 1894, with the history of the building honoured in the carefully restored areas of the House, including intricate stained-glass windows, original columns and painted detailing on the stone walls.

    Set across 1,430 sq m, the House features a members’ club space on the first floor for eating and drinking, relaxing and socialising with a mezzanine overlooking it. Downstairs, the Library is inspired by a Swedish drawing room. Club Cecconi’s provides members and their guests with authentic, Northern Italian-inspired dishes using the finest ingredients and fresh handmade pasta with a Scandinavian twist. Leading out from Club Cecconi’s is a private courtyard surrounded by lush greenery.

    About Soho House & Co
    Founded in 1995 by Nick Jones, Soho House is a place for our diverse membership to connect, grow, have fun, and make an impact. Today, there are members and Houses around the world, as well as restaurants, spas, workspaces, and cinemas.

  • My top 10 wish list to ring in 2023

    Written by Susan Stjernberger by Elva Ahlbin

    I think everyone is ready to say goodbye, farewell, adieu and a big hej då to 2022! What a year it’s been, but we’ve been saying this for a few years now. Who knows maybe this is the new norm? In any case, we have to also go on with our lives and celebrate in whichever way makes us happy. So put on your red lipstick, and dancing shoes and party it up. Or, maybe you’re in the Alps at a ski resort and chilling in front of the fire. Whichever way you choose to ring in 2023, do it with style! Here are a few of my picks. Wishing you all a Happy 2023 and see you next year.



    Written by Fashion Tales

    The popular brand Estrid, has always challenged the norms, of our society. This December is no difference, the new campaign brings the mighty decade of Renaissance Art (c. 1400-1600) into a modern (more accurate) twist.

    The art period of the Renaissance is a period in our art history filled with the Mona Lisa, The Birth of Venus, The Venus of Urbin and classic art pieces focusing mostly on the human body. The paintings was praised for their closeness to detail. But however, discussed today as a fantasied image of how the bodies look like. 

    The new campaign want to bring the history of the renaissance and make it accurate in today's world. How would the paintings look like if created today, and actually accurate of how the human body looks like?

    The new campaign shines a light on all bodies – despite their skin colour, religion, scars, stretch marks, body hair and all combined. The visual project aims to not only confront the stark omission of body hair throughout these works of art, but also to approach the lack of diversity we see in them. Estrid got help from historian Amber Butchart, a specialist in the cultural and political context of societal trends and fashion. Whom offered insights into body presentation and body-hair traditions in Renaissance art. In a press release Butchart states: “The Human Renaissance project highlights how limiting and damaging European beauty standards have been in the past… the project reimagines this historical period from a contemporary viewpoint, highlighting that true beauty lies in diversity and inclusivity so all people can feel represented.”

    See the campaign in the photos below, physically around the city of Stockholm or at the digital art gallery at estrid.com