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    DAILYROUTINE's fashion wardrobe seven days a week presents the SS19, a collection of inspiration from Japanese indigo, work clothes and Miami in the 1970s.

    Japanese indigo and its special staining techniques were the starting point for Dailyroutine SS19. Indigotons create exciting contrasts and elevate eg the costume in coarse linen to a new level. The Workwear jacket, t-shirts and sweatshirts are spring keyboards that allow streetwear to meet it Scandinavian dandyn. Odd, untouched jackets, cotton costumes with AMF stitching (hand-knitted on inside of the jackets), wide laundered jeans, shorts, shirts and colors like vintage white, pelican purple, mint-turquoise and indigo have clear references to 1970's Miami. The blend of patterns has emerged with the streets as inspiration to find elements of colorful stripes and glencheck.

    In front of SS19, Dailyroutine launches a Cruise Collection as a premiere of the Spring collection. Cruise collection consists of the season's best shorts, which are combined with either streetwear styles or with an elegant jacket, shirt or polo shirt. The task of the short collection was to design one shorts wardrobe consisting of elegant coarse linen shorts, luxurious cotton shorts, striped summer shorts in light linen and short tennis shorts. The color scale is indigo, gray, sand and light blue.

    Designer Christian Lippich, with a degree from Royal College of Art in Fashion, is Founder and Creative Director of the stylish and modern men's fashion brand, Dailyroutine. Dailyroutine offers one complete designer cloakroom with clothes for the modern man, positioned in luxury fashion and contemporary clothing. Dailyroutine displays collections four times a year and offers a solid foundation for a modern shop that wants to buy seasonal collections. Christian Lippich has a solid experience in fashion since he has worked for luxury brands like St John, Elie Tahari, YSL and Alexander McQueen. After eight years as a designer of Tiger of Sweden, Christian Lippich decided to start his own, modern men's fashion brand, Dailyroutine.

    Designer: Christian Lippich
    Stylist: Hilda Sandström
    Style Assistant: Vanessa Werkelin
    Grooming: Jacob Kajrup
    Grooming assistant: Moona Narancic
    Models: Mikas
    Music: Alexander Bultjens
    Shoes: Vagabond
    Watches: Baume & Mercier


  • K2 initiates cooperation with the Breast Cancer Association

    Written by Fashion Tales

    In the fall and winter of 2018, the US ski brand K2 will launch a collaboration with Breast cancer federation in Sweden to pay attention to the importance of active life and that it can also decrease the risk of breast cancer. K2 Sports products aimed at women have previously had a roseband log on where contributions have only gone to the American breast cancer research and through this collaboration comes Now money for the first time is donated to breast cancer research in Sweden. Stadium is included as an important one partner to K2 Sports by selling the selected skis.

    K2 Sports has previously contributed to childhood cancer research along with BMW. Now they take another step further in the fight and this time with the Breast Cancer Association. There are about 1000 K2 of skis that are expected to be sold in the fall and winter season at Stadium's stores around Sweden where 50 sec per sold ski will go to breast cancer research in Sweden. The skis will have a custom-made roof with information to the consumer.

    It is incredibly exciting to start a collaboration with the Breast Cancer Association. Knowing that an active life can decrease the risk of breast cancer and that we two parties then have to realize this together with Stadium that always had an effort to get everyone in Sweden to live an active life is even more pleasing and gives us unmatched opportunities to reach out with our message. We therefore also have named this important campaign “Åk Rosa”, says Marcus Pupp, K2's Swedish agent.

    Since there are studies showing good effects of physical activity in breast cancer patients receiving treatment with cytostatics so it's exciting to find a new partner in K2 for the winter season. Often it focuses a lot on spring and spring summer sports but we also want to highlight activities during the winter months. That K2 and Stadium want to take part in this vital Travel is for us a benefit, “said Marit Jenset, Secretary General of the Breast Cancer Association.

    For Stadium's part, this collaboration means that selected K2 skis will be sold from October / November at Stadium Stores around Sweden. Stadium has challenged the industry since 1987 with the mission to inspire an active lifestyle, which this initiative fits well with.

    Breast cancer is the most common form of cancer in women in Sweden. Approx. 9,000 are affected annually in Sweden, meaning every hour a woman gets her breast cancer diagnosis. The Breast Cancer Association is Sweden's only association that focuses exclusively on breast cancer - and supporting both research and members. The Breast Cancer Association's vision is that no one should suffer from breast cancer and to reach it funding the research, spreading knowledge about prevention and driving opinion formation in breast cancer issues (Source: Breast Cancer Association).



  • Carlings launches the Neo-Ex with the artificial influencer "Perl.www"

    Written by Fashion Tales

    Carlings explores the fashion of the future by launching the Neo-Ex collection together with the artificial influenza “Perl.www (https://www.instagram.com/perl.www/), the world's first collection that only exists digitally. Just like collection, only “Perl.www” exists digitally, where her presence as a human evokes the lines between digital and real life. With the help of digital tailors (3D designers), Carlings has designed and produced the collection. The Neo-EX collection enables a new way of expressing its fashion creativity without leaving a negative footprint on the environment.

    Here's a video that explains how the process goes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v­Sothlpxa6V0&feature­youtu.be

    The limited collection consists of 19 products that cost between 100 - 300 SEK. The collection will only be available through Carling's webshop as of November 14th. 11:00. All proceeds from the project go directly to WaterAid.


  • Champion by Wood Wood Autumn/Winter 2018

    Written by Fashion Tales

    For the latest collection in the ongoing collaboration between the two brands, contemporary streetwear brand Wood Wood and iconic sports brand Champion have created a collection inspired by American sportswear featuring fragmented team mascots and distorted sports iconography. The Champion by Wood Wood Autumn / Winter 2018 collection will pre-launch November 15th before the global launch November 22nd.

    As the previous collections, the Autumn / Winter 2018 collection from Champion by Wood Wood is built on the authentic collegiate sportswear styles and products that Champion does so well. The collection which is for both men and women features classic sportswear styles such as long sleeved T-shirts, sweatshirts and track pants. The collection also features casual fitted sweatshirt with high collars and half zip for both men and women, an extra puffy cropped down jacket for women as well as a hoodies and a bomber jacket for men.

    The colour palette is kept clean focusing on black, white, grey melange and deep forest green with colour pops spread throughout. The visuals of the collection are based on fragments of sports iconography and team mascots fused with details from flags and banners of sports clubs. The different graphic elements are applied in various techniques such as patches, prints and embroidery resulting in a unique take on sports graphics that is both striking and playful.

    The Champion by Wood Wood A/W 2018 capsule collection will pre-release at all Wood Wood stores including woodwood.com, Champion’s London flagship store and championstore.com November 15th before launching at selected retailers worldwide November 22nd 2018.


  • Juri Markkula presents exclusive new works together with Nordic Gallery Art

    Written by Fashion Tales

    A taste of what the Nordic Gallery presents in collaboration with Teatergrillen. New artwork from Juri Markkula in Stockholm from 14 November.

    Juri Markkula is an artist who makes it industrial and technical beautiful. He makes chemicals available art. Juri Markkula grew up in Finland and moved to Sweden to develop and deepen knowledge at the Royal Institute of Fine Arts in Stockholm between 1997-2002. His latest project was one ornamentation in Odenplans metro station in Stockholm 2017.

    Exhibition - Juri Markkula
    Juri Markkula presents 7 new works inspired by his previous RGB series of three-dimensional and high sculptural works where nature's surfaces are enlarged using advanced technology. His work will appear on the Nordic Gallery and also at Teatergrillen. The exhibition opens 14 November.

    “After his great success in Hong Kong, the Nordic Gallery Art is proud to announce new works Juri Markkula. The exhibition is introduced in an attractive and historical art environment at Teatergrillen i Stockholm. To work again with Juri Markkula is something I longed for and it is an honor to Juri chooses to show her new work with us in Stockholm. His sculptural paintings touch one regardless one wants or not, it can not be ignored for his greatness. “- Ditte Lauridsen, Head of Art Nordic gallery

    “My work is a lot about art as a whole and neither is it presented in smaller rooms Intended for art is an integral part of the concept of the work. It is interesting to present the works in another context and an audience that you do not always meet in classical places like in a gallery or museum. “- Juri Markkula, Artist


  • The Reinventing of Wolford at Shorditch Townhall

    Written by Sandra Myhrberg

    Last week Wolford took our breath away at their party, the dramatic rebirth was celebrated at Shorditch Townhall. Established in the 1950’s in Austria, Wolford is one of the oldest hosiery companies in the world and is a household name in hosiery. Recently they have decided to break the rules in fashion and steer away from traditional business and marketing models. For Wolford, it was time to shake off the antiquated perceptions and re-establish themselves as a formidable player. “The past is done. The future has endless possibilities” - Axel Dreher, CEO.

    At the party, we were taken on a voyage through a labyrinth of rooms and experienced peculiar realizations of the new Wolford. Their new image is exciting and inclusive, extraordinary and brave, imaginative and fierce. The new Wolford is not only exceptional European skin wear, but it also commands attention for outstanding quality. Using 3-D and circular knitting techniques and innovating design, Wolford is in the lead of its league. On the 15th of November, 2018, you may not recognize Wolford.