• All I know is the sound of pain. There’s no escaping it. Even the wind carries it. Whispering in my ear ballads of sorrow. There’s this familiarity in every note.

    Life here has been chaos and for a little clarity a friend of mine took me 4 hours west of the state. We climbed mini mountains and dunes of sand. The winds were extremely high and I felt like if I needed anything to sweep and carry away the confusions of these illusions, that was it.

    This was well needed and greatly enjoyed.

    Love, Karissma Yve
  • Creating objects, artifacts and garments as apart of XENOPHORA to me is a basis of ritualistic nothings. When I create, from conceptual development to the manifestation of thought.. It’s a sort of ritual. A way to truly exist. Where all illusions fade and I am one.

    One, in a world that I’ve created

    Complete and utter madness… this has been my truest love.

    I can’t wait to share with you all my brand and collection of works.

    Love, Karissma Yve
  • A grey bird world indeed.

    Sälekivi’s paintings look a lot like my dreams.

    Love, Karissma Yve


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