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    Love, Greta Dillén
  • Morning sweethearts! It fees so good that I've finally moved! Gärdet is just such a great place to live at. I've been walking to Rodebjer, witch got it's head office at Sveavägen. When I'm getting a new “ground” it's also really common that I'm changing my routines a bit. I've for example, thanks to Ida, started to love Mellqvist coffee bar a bit more. They are closing at 9 PM, witch is really late compared to other coffee places. I'm now days listening to music from the second I'm waking up in the morning - and the list “Morning community” on Spotify is now whats going on. I've bought new shoes, witch you can see a sneak peak on here. Hamburg is there name, and they're the updated version on Gazelle. I just love them. I'v also found the most dreamy pair of sunglasses I have to have - from & other stories. Anyway, this morning I got the chance to invite my brother over to my place for a cup of coffee, since he's having a tennis-education-thing here at Gärdet. Really cosy to finally got him over here. My babydoll.

    Love, Greta Dillén
  • Sunday, caffeine rush, first night at Gärdet. My brother made me a workout program so today i'll go to the gym and try it out. 

    This is what it sounds like:

    1. Diamond push-ups

    2. Back rotation

    3. Jack-knife

    4. Jumprope

    5. Kettlebell swing

    45 seconds per exercise

    15 seconds rest

    1 minuits of rest after every round


    Love, Greta Dillén


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