• Anonymity’s a concept which has occured within culture every once in a while. Within music, the idea of letting a mask or illustration replace the person for the artist has been widely tried - especially within electronic music where Daft Punk, The Knife, SBKTRK and Burial, to name a few, succeeded with the concept. Within fashion, however, only Martin Margiela and his crew of white coats claimed anonymity as their design-philosophy, but that being so, they’ve also shaped the whole concept entirely. After all, whereas Daft Punk merely hid their faces behind masks, Margiela vanished completely. 

    However, few designers has followed in Margiela’s footsteps. Instead commercialism has grown stronger, and with it the idea of a leading designer-figure who’s personality may lead the brand to success. Nevertheless, I recently found out about the brand Vetements, which is an international collective of anonymous designers working, acting and communicating as a group. Even though they have a very down-to-earth design philosophy, focusing on the expressions of the clothes rather than the label (alike a certain Belgian) and not displaying a single logo on their garments (!!), they succeed very well with creating desireable clothing. I came to be very fond of their easy going approach to fashion, which is quite a contrast to other parts of the industry. Due to the anonymity breakdown when John Galliano entered Maison Margiela, it is quite refreshing to take part of Vetements’ anonymous wonderland merely consisting of interesting but wearable clothing and beautiful imagery, rather than the thoughts of some eccentric front-figure.

    Love, Linus Leonardsson
  • The works of British-Turkish Cypriot Hussein Chalayan’s amazed me since the day I first encountered them. This classical show finale, from A/W 2000 is an endless inspiration and one of the most perfect questionings of what fashion can actually be. Additionally, I think that the hysterical and rock concert-like clapping and shouting when the models dress themselves is too great to explain with words! What an excitement, haha!

    Love, Linus Leonardsson
  • Above is my project of this past weekend - a taped second skin top in clear blue. Unfortunately, tomorrow’s back to early mornings, but even if so I wish you all a good week!

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    Love, Linus Leonardsson


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